July 27, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

I have been one of the harshest critics of the Clark County Republican Party for many years. The organization has been led by loser after loser and now it finally has a chance to actually lead again. The CCRP has been secretly run by Clark County Teachers’ Union thug, Mike Roberson, for the last few years. Yep the same RINO who brought us Driver Licenses for Illegal Aliens and the biggest tax increase in Nevada’s history before blowing up the party in 2016. Tax Hike Mike has been pulling the strings behind this fight over the party’s future. Often we’re defined by our enemies. Jesse Law’s enemies want to hurt our party, our state and our cause.

While the Clark County Dems had some 32 campaign offices in 2020 and full time paid staffers helping win elections, CCRP Chairman loser Sadjak won’t even answer the phone to help voters find election polling locations on election day. But for the first time in almost of decade I actually have a sliver of hope. Hope that the CCRP could help REAL Republicans, who supported President Trump, win elections in the next cycle. My hope rests in Jesse Law.

I’ve known Jesse Law for many years here in Nevada politics. Frankly he was very immature and unreliable in the past by his own admission. But over the past four years he’s grown into a capable doer and leader. A leader President Trump personally recognized when he was tapped to help his campaign in Nevada in 2020. Jesse Law grew and matured working along side President Trump in Washington D.C. It shaped him and gave him confidence.

The morning of the Trump election lawsuit court hearing in Carson City

After the November 2020 election STEAL, Trump tapped Jesse Law again to help lead the fight here in Nevada. Jesse did what had to be done and helped the lawyers put together their case. Jesse saw, first hand, the corruption in Nevada’s registrar voters offices, the corruption in the Secretary of State’s office and the corruption in the courts. Now, President Trump has personally endorsed Jesse Law’s slate to lead the Clark County Republican Party.

I trust Jesse to work his hardest and smartest to help Republicans win again. I trust Jesse Law to fight for our party, our state and our cause. But first we must fight for Jesse now. I am very proud to endorse Jesse Law for Clark County Republican Party Chairman.

Rob Lauer


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