April 24, 2024

Unfortunately, most people lack any real historical perspective when viewing current events. The crazy stuff we see today in the news is driven by century-old historic arcs. The 20th century was propelled by a violent power struggle between Marxist communists and free-market democracies. History tells us the United States and its western European allies defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

But the post-Vietnam Democrats became full-blown commies who embarrassed the Soviet Union and fought Ronald Reagan’s efforts to defeat Communism in South America and across the world. The Iran Contra “scandal” was initiated by the Democrats in Congress, who cut off funding for the anti-communist forces fighting the Soviet backed Nicaragua (commies). Reagan exploited a loophole in the arm to help fund the Contras’s.

Dems, including then, U.S. Senator Joe Biden, tried blocking funding for Reagan’s anti-missile defense system, known as Start Wars, because it would have made America more powerful than the Soviets. BTW, Reagan’s anti-missile system just saved Israel from hundreds of drones and missiles fired by Iran last week.  The Soviets secretly funded the Democrats and their commie allies in Europe to undermine free market forces including the Republicans in the U.S., the Pope, and Margret Thatcher. Thank God for Reagan and the real Republicans who fought to destroy the Soviet Union.

But what history doesn’t say is where all those commies went after the fall of the Soviet Union. In the 1990’s, the late Rush Limbaugh was one of the first to describe how the commies in Europe and the U.S. became the new Greens. In 1993, Al Gore launched his Global Warming Theory. The old Commies (the new greens) latched on to Gore’s global warming theory as a way to impose communism under the disguise of an environmental emergency. Since then, they have claimed over 42 times that the world was about to end shortly if we didn’t submit to their control.

Just like clockwork, this week United Nations’ (commie) executive climate secretary, Simon Stiell, sounded the alarm once again, and the media rans with it.

Humanity has only two years left “to save the world” by making dramatic changes in the way it spews heat-trapping emissions and it has even less time to act to get the finances behind such a massive shift, 

So we are supposed to believe the world is going to end if we don’t give up our economic freedom and pay more taxes. We’re supposed to believe government bureaucrats, made up of the most incompetent people in society, can reduce the temperature on Earth if we just pay more taxes, give up our gas cars and meat.

We know they’re lying because Al Gore and Obama continue to fly around the world in their private jets. Obama hasn’t sold his beachfront homes on Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii. If they really believed the oceans were rising and the world would end as we know it in a few years, they themselves would act like it.

If we let them destroy the free market under the disguise of climate change, we will plunge millions of people across the world into poverty. Dem (commie) Joe Biden has been in this fight all his life as a U.S. Senator, going back to the 1970’s. And that explains why Dems like Biden support Iran and China.

Climate change is supported by the same “experts” who pushed mask mandates, the VAX, trans ideology, and DEI.

The fight has moved into our public schools battling for the hearts and minds of our children.

Remember, the fight for freedom never ends.



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