July 28, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Our government officials continue to push vaccines and now they are demanding we all mask up again. But if vaccines work why do we need masks? While hospitalizations are up, so are the number of people out of their lock-downs which inevitably was going to raise the number of infections. But the number of folks in ICU’s and on ventilators are at a very low point over the last year and a half. There are many new therapeutics that save lives, the media never talks about.

A high of 311 folks on ventilators occurred on 12/22/2020, according to hospital records. Today there are 111 Nevadans on ventilators in all of Nevada out of some 3.2 million people.

The fact is CV19 is a highly contagious flu bug. And flu bugs always morph. That’s why you need a flu shot every year because last year’s flu is a different strand than this year’s flu bug. CV19 is gone and now we have CV22 or the Delta variant. The fact is, just like the Spanish flu, CV will be with us forever and we learn to live with it and to move on.

It’s clear that Dems are using CV to push their policies of endless mask mandates, eviction moratoriums, unemployment benefits and giant increases in federal borrowing and spending. The new CV crisis is their excuse now to require vaccine passports and mandates even though they just said they don’t stop CV and we ALL must wear masks. Less freedom and more government control over your lives is the end result of their lies.


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