John Bruchhagen Why You Should Vote Me for CCRP Chair

John Bruchhagen Why You Should Vote Me for CCRP Chair

July 3, 2023

We invite all the main candidates to write a 500-word essay about their candidacy for Clark County Chair. The election will be held on July 18th at 5:30 p.m. at the Ahern Hotel. Candidates should email their essay in Word format to our email address.

John Bruchhagen

My name is John Bruchhagen, and I am running for Clark County Republican Chairman because I am the ONLY candidate who can save the Party. I have been approached by many people, from many different “factions” of CCRP, and told they were simply voting for Jesse Law because they didn’t like Jill Douglass, or they were voting for Jill Douglass because they didn’t like Jesse Law. I found this line of thought to be horrible and realized we could NEVER make Nevada red if this is what people were thinking about as we prepare for war and the 2024 Election. I am the ONLY candidate who can keep everyone in the room while bringing back hundreds of old friends who found CCRP unpalatable. We need numbers if we are going to overtake the Harry Reid Machine. We need poll watchers, election observers, and precinct captains. We need phone callers, door knockers, and researchers. We need a ballot harvesting operation that reaches the Republican voters who sometimes (or oftentimes) “forget” to vote. This means we need more members, more volunteers, and more money. We only accomplish this if members enjoy the process, if we all enjoy doing this work, and if we see that we are making a tangible difference.

Not only do I have a plan to grow membership by bringing back old friends, recruiting younger people through college, high school, and influencer programs, and making the meetings more fun, but I also have a plan to coordinate the efforts of all the Republican Groups and Campaign Consultants to ensure we cover all of our bases while not stepping on each other’s toes. We need to be tactical to ensure our efforts are not wasted or redundant. Under my leadership, we will employ microtargeting strategies to most efficiently utilize our resources and make sure we make headway in the Nevada Legislature. We cannot have Democrats approaching supermajorities in both chambers. We are Nevada, yet it feels like the average Nevadan is not represented in our current government, which prioritizes a dangerous agenda. It is unacceptable, and frankly, it’s embarrassing. We are the Wild West; we are a state with no income tax; we love our guns; and we love our freedom. Freedom doesn’t come from a 15-minute city, nor does it come from infighting and sitting on our asses.

Before you vote for me, know that I will be setting up work for us to do when we volunteer and meet. We will be pushing a rock up a hill every night until Election Day because sitting around, drinking coffee, and talking about how crappy things have become is NOT going to change anything. It’s not going to be easy, but I truly believe it’s our final hope. If we have a repeat of 2022, then we might as well move to Idaho or Texas, but HOME MEANS NEVADA, and we have no choice but to win.

Finally, I will not sculpt the CCRP into some fantastical vision of my own; I merely want to steward the ship and motivate the members, so bring your ideas, bring your enthusiasm, and bring your neighbor. Let’s put aside the soap opera and get to work. The first step is voting for John Bruchhagen on July 18th.

Johnny Bru: – For the Win!


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