May 20, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Las Vegas is the center of sex trafficking in the U.S. The city needs a constant supply of sexy girls and boys to feed the flood of rich gamblers from around the world who dropped over $1 Billion a month in gaming revenues. And our city has offered up its youth to the beast.

40% of sex trafficking victim kids at safe nest are illegal aliens.

Sex tracking and child protection services St Jude Ranch for kids says “3 out of every 4 kids were in the Clark County Foster system”.

Our Public Child Protective Services has become a feeder for sex traffickers.

Clark County School District has zero sex trafficking curriculum. None. In fact the sex ed (pornography) pushed by our current crop of Radical Dems on the School board, like Pres. Cepeda and Dr. Cavazos, actually helps sex traffickers as seen in this video. Sexualizing kids helps groomers who recruit girls into prostitution.

The police have no toll free direct numbers for parents and or captive girls/boys to call for help. All the politicians talk about fighting sex trafficking but it’s just talk. Because they all want the Whales (rich gamblers) to keep coming to Vegas.

Gov. Steve Sisolak signed a bill passed by exclusively by Democrat law makers that protect sex traffickers, literally. The law, SB179, repeals the requirements of a physician to certify in writing that the patient gave their consent freely without coercion and age verification and shields witnesses from testifying about these nearly state-sanctioned, dangerous black-market abortions.

What we are left with is a reform law that is advantageous to sex traffickers operating in our state, unequivocally leaving child sex-abuse victims without any certainty of reporting or rescue all while placating basic medical safety standards by simply looking away.

Now sex traffickers can force their child-victims to lie about their age if the physician even bothers to ask. Or they can skip medical qualifications all together and give abortion medications without the advice of a physician or an understanding of risks. Traffickers can perform abortions themselves or hire black-market abortionists without criminality. Children can be given abortions with no guaranteed inquiry, reporting and without fundamental safety protections while witnesses cannot be compelled to testify.

The Biden administration’s open border policy has allowed a flood of human (sex) trafficking victims into the U.S. by the thousands.

The video “Groomed” in this article is one of the best educational videos every produced and needs to be shown in every class room in every school in Nevada today.





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