Sept 21, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Last month, “Republicans” Amy and Danny Tarkanian were expelled from the Douglas County Republican Party for publicly endorsing Democrat Attorney General Aaron Ford instae dof supporting the primary winner Republican Sigal Chatteh. Last night, the Clark County Republican Party voted on Censure (to condem) the Tarkanains, former Republican State Senator Micheal Roberson, and Chuck “YOU”Muth.

This week, Chuck Muth’s email blast to his followers expressed his support for Independent American Party Candidate for Nevada Secretary of State, Janine Hansen, stealing votes from the Republican nominee, former Assemblyman, Jim Marchant, handing the race to Soros-funded Democrat, Francisco Aguilar. Muth has been in politics for decades, and he knows exactly what he did.

Muth wrote in his blog yesterday.

“That said, after three decades in this biz – I didn’t exactly fall off the turnip truck last night – I’m fully aware that the LP and IAP candidates in the general election can siphon votes from the GOP candidate in any given race – enough votes to throw the race to the Democrats.”

Muth has publicly criticized Jim Marchant for attacking Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske over the years. No matter what Cegavske does, Muth defends her. Even when Trump sued Cegavske, Muth defended her. When she helped Dems with mail-in ballots, Muth defended her. When Cegavske purposely left an unqualified libertarian candidate on the ballot for Nevada Attorney General, and was sued over the error, Muth defended her.

If we end up with a Soros Democrat controlling our election security for the next 8 years, you can thank Chuck Muth.

Last night, the Clark County Republican Party voted to censure (to condemn) Amy and Danny Tarkanian, Michel Roberson, and Chuck Muth. While most of the crowd knew who Roberson and Tarkanains were, most did not know who Chuck Muth is, so he survived the vote.

BTW Muth held his own “Conservative” event across town at the exact time the Clark County Republicans were voting on condemning him.

Other Republican county central committees are expected to vote to expel Chuck Muth and the Tarkanains and Roberson in the coming weeks. Then the NVGOP will vote as a body to expel them, possibly.








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