July 26, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter


I admit, up front, I personally don’t like Chuck Muth. Yes it’s personal for me. It’s personal because I was tricked, like so many of you into believing Chuck was a real “Reagan Conservative” who cared about our country, who cared about our state and who cared about our cause. Over the last 12 years I’ve read Chuck’s fake conservative blogs, espousing my values. I’ve also watched Chuck sell his soul to RINOS in Nevada time and time again.

Chuck writes a blog called Muth’s Truths. I never trust a used car salesman who tells me to trust him. Google lists his blog’s address as a Chinese To Go restaurant. Humm.

Back in 2016, Chuck was shilling for, then, Congressman Joe Heck who was running for the U.S. Senate in Nevada. Heck joined Mitt Romney in Oct 2016 ambushing, then, Candidate Trump, withdrawing his support for Trump publicly. And Chuck stood by Heck defending him across the media to the bitter end.

In 2015, Chuck attacked Sen. Roberson for ushering in the Commerce Tax. Chuck wrote endless attack blogs about how horrible Roberson was. But when his good buddy and supporter Assemblyman Brent Jones ran against Roberson for Lt. Governor in 2018, someone got to Chuck or possibly some money found its way into his pocket. All of a sudden Chuck’s blog fell silent and he refused to attack Roberson. What’s worse is he also refused to support Brent Jones who voted against the Commerce Tax and was the first elected official in Nevada to endorse, then, Candidate Trump. I guess Jones didn’t pay Chuck’s VIG.

Last year, Never Trump Queen, Nevada Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske, fully supported mail in ballots, fought President Trump in Court and sucked up to Sisolak and the Dems every chance she got. Cegavske signed off on Dominion election machines and even signed off on a lawsuit allowing illegal aliens to register to vote. Even today Cegavske refuses to acknowledge any corruption in Nevada’s election system. And why should she? She has Political Whore Chuck Muth writing his Muth’s Truths blog defending her every chance he gets.

Chuck Muth has even come to the defense of Never Trump Congressman Mark Amodei after he was the first Republican to support the Trump impeachment inquiry. Amodei voted with Nancy Pelosi over 50% of the time throughout his history in Congress. But there’s Chuck Muth still defending and deflecting for him.

But this week Professional defamer Chuck Muth hit a new low, even for him. He actually defended Nevada State Sen. Carrie Buck after she called Trump Republicans who were locked out of the CCRP election, stuck outside in 109 degree heat, “Vile Creatures”. Chuck said the folks Buck surrounded herself with are to blame for her mess, not her. Roberson and his minions backing Buck are at fault, not Buck. At least when Muth is bought off he stays bought.

Chuck refused to support Candidate Trump back in 2016. He whored for another candidate that year. Can we really call Chuck Muth a Trump supporter after he backed Heck, Roberson, Cegavske, Amodei and now Never Trumper Carrie Buck? The Republican Party will never rise again to govern Nevada as long as Fake Conservatives like Chuck Muth continue to fool us, all the while ultimately leading us down the road to socialist hell.

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