CD3 (R) CANDIDATE Elizabeth Helgelien OP-ED

The Republican Party in the House:

A Testament to a Functioning Republic

OP-ED By Elizabeth Helgelien

To the casual observer, the current state of the Republican Party especially in the U.S. House of
Representatives may seem like chaos. But I urge you to look closer. What you’re witnessing is
not disorder, but the very essence of our Republic in action. It’s democracy at its finest, with
passionate individuals advocating for their beliefs and principles.

When I served in the Nevada Legislature, I often found myself going toe-to-toe with democrats
and moderate Republicans. It wasn’t out of spite or personal animosity, but out of a deep-seated
belief in conservative principles and the need to uphold them. Just as Matt Gaetz is doing now
on the national stage, I too stood my ground against those who sought to dilute our party’s core

The ongoing battle for the soul of the Republican Party is not a sign of its weakness but its
strength. It’s a testament to the party’s vibrancy and the diversity of thought within its ranks. It’s
this very dynamism that sets us apart from the Left, who often march in lockstep, suppressing
any dissenting voices.

This internal struggle is not limited to the halls of Congress. It’s evident right here in our own
backyard, in the congressional race where I’m pitted against Heidi Kasama. On one side, you
have America First Conservative Republicans like myself supported by U.S. Congressman Paul
Gosar, Fmr U.S. Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and on the other,
you have moderate Republicans, represented by figures like the former Speaker McCarthy, who
are backing Kasama.

It’s essential to note that this isn’t about personal vendettas or political gamesmanship. It’s about
accountability. When McCarthy agreed to certain terms to become Speaker of the House and
then failed to uphold his end of the bargain, he crossed a red line. The motion to vacate and
remove him from the Speaker’s position was not only justified but necessary. It was a clear
message that the party would not stand for leaders who don’t keep their promises.
The Republican Party is not monolithic. We are a party of independent thinkers who aren’t afraid
to question authority. This is our strength. It’s what makes us resilient and adaptable. While the
Left may see our internal debates as a sign of weakness, I see it as a sign of our commitment to
the principles that have made this country great.

In the end we need to make sure we flip Congressional District 3 back to red and the way you
do that is by listening to the voters and following through with your promises just like I did when I
won in this district as a State Senator and beat a millionaire democrat in the general election
then voted the same way I campaigned. I will do it again.

In conclusion, the current state of the Republican Party in the House is not chaos. It’s a
reflection of a party that’s alive, vibrant, and unafraid to stand up for its beliefs. It’s a party that’s
willing to have tough conversations and make difficult decisions. And it’s a party that I’m proud
to be a part of.

Elizabeth Helgelien is a former State Senator from Nevada and a current congressional
candidate for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District

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