April 14, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

On March 20, 2020 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak issued an Emergency Order “Emergency Regulation Concerning COVID-19 Pandemic declaring which businesses were essential and which were required to close.”

In a letter from Justin Luna, Nevada Department of Homeland Security to Governor Steve Sisolak:

RE: Emergency Regulation Concerning COVID-19 Pandemic                                 

Dear Governor Sisolak:

The continued operation of non-essential businesses is impairing the State’s ability to prevent the further transmission of COVID-19 and lives are at stake. The Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Management has determined that an immediate need exists for an emergency regulation defining essential and non-essential businesses, as well as, parameters for essential businesses to conduct business in this State under your March 12, 2020, Declaration of Emergency and related directives.

Keep in mind the original order Sisolak issued for business to close was for 10 days, until April 1, 2020. But Sisolak declared Abortion providers essential, even though they consumer PPE, medications and medical personal. In addition, some women who undergo abortion procedures have infections resulting ER visits. But Sisolak closed gun stores and Dentist offices except for emergency procedures. Texas, Ohio and several other states declared abortion services elective procedures and ordered them closed while Democrat Governors across the country declared abortion clinics essential services allowing them to stay open and operate without restrictions.

The Politicians on both sides chose who stays open and who closes based on politics and not on true emergency needs. In the end, whether you support abortion rights or not, this issue has exposed politicians abusing the COVID 19 Emergency Order process for political purposes and exposing the process as unconstitutional at its core.

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