April 17, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Veteran Republican strategist, friend of Trump, Roger Stone, endorsed local Social Media Firebrand Mindy Robinson for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Stone worked on the campaigns of Republican politicians Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, Bob Dole, and Donald Trump was at the center of a fire storm of his own facing prison in a case that many Republicans feel he was railroaded by Deep State DOJ insiders. Trump has threatened to pardon Stone if the Judge doesn’t treat Stone more fairly. Stone was accused of lying to Congress.

Stone is still restricted by the Federal Judge in his case from any interviews or any media comments at this time.

Robinson responded to Stone’s endorsement “Roger Stone is a political legend and I’m honored to have his guidance during this unprecedentedly important time for Republican campaigns in this country. The extremely biased and tainted jury he received during that sham trial the Left threw at him should be reason enough for Trump to pardon this true American patriot.”

With a following on Facebook and Twitter approaching 500,000 folks, Mindy Robinson has launched her Campaign for Congress here in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District against Susie Lee. Mindy is an outspoken Trump supporter, an outspoken gun rights supporter and now an outspoken critic of China. Mindy is demanding compensation from the Chinese Government for the $5 Trillion in damages to the U.S., so far. But this Actress, Social Media Trump supporting flame thrower isn’t just a pretty face.

Mindy Robinson holds two advanced degrees, one in American History and one in Political Science. Mindy knows how to build and lead a social media Army. And she is putting her Facebook and Twitter armies to work getting her elected asking them to call and reach out to voters in the congressional district.

But she’s got tough folks to beat in the primary first if she wants to take on Democrat Rep. Susie Lee. She must first beat wealth businessman and former Nevada State Treasurer, Dan Schwartz and former World renowned wrestler, Dan Rodimer, both of whom have lots of dough and name ID.

But the Corona Virus has thrown the entire race a huge curve ball no one planned for because of the corona virus outbreak. Now the primary scheduled for June has been converted into a mail-in ballot only race.

Mindy’s boyfriend MMA Legend Randy Couture bring an element of excitement to the race and the national attention she’ll will need to raise millions to defeat Susie Lee.

Mindy can be defined as:

Pro Trump

Pro 1st Amendment

Pro 2nd Amendment

Pro Border Wall

Pro Gun

Pro Life

Pro Law and Order

Pro Military

Pro Woman

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