May 22, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Democrats are facing a historic backlash in the Clark County School District Trustees election from parents and Republicans who are poised to take over this November. Radical policies like transgender boys in girls’ sports, pornographic sex ed pushed in classrooms without parental consent and restorative juvenile justice reforms have turned our schools into gangland battle grounds. Democrats see the writing on the wall.

For decades our public schools have been run by the teachers’ union and turned into Democrats’ piggy back for no show jobs, no bid contracts and union slush funds to help their reelection campaign funds. Last November, the Clark County Teachers’ Union admitted they “lost” $42 million on healthcare spending. Teachers who went to doctors found their bills ending up in collections unpaid. Our union controlled Clark County School Board huffed and puffed then voted to back fill the $42 million missing funds with no investigation.

On May 3, 2022 the Joint Interim Standing Committee on Education heard testimony regarding “The Composition of The Boards of Trustees of County School Districts in Nevada”. The Democrats want to kill your right to vote for school board trustees and give the Governor and legislature the power to appoint them. BTW This is exactly what dictators in third world countries do when they consolidate their power.

The one saving grace is that fact that Democrats are so worried about Sisolak losing in November that the Teachers’ Union spoke out against it. They don’t want Republicans appointing Trustees should they win. So for now it’s on hold. But should Democrats hold the Governorship and the State Legislature be sure they will move to consolidate their power and strip parents of their voice in the education of their kids in the 2023 session.

KC Freels running for Clark County School District G responded;

“As a parent, I’m running specifically so I can have a voice in my son’s education and help save our kids future from this insane radical agenda Democrats have pushed for the last several years here in Clark County and across the Nation. This just proves that they don’t care about parents or our kids. They only care about their power and extreme sexualized agenda”

Jay “Coach” Calhoun running against Danielle Ford for Clark County District F said’

“As a father of three in CCSD and a High School Football Coach in the Clark County School District I am deeply worried about how our kids are going to turn out. Our schools are in a leadership crisis. We see it every day on the news. And now they want to steal our vote. If I am elected I will fight this scheme with every fiber in my body.” 


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