May 21, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

The Nevada Democrat party, the party of “Science” just cancelled an elected lawmaker from the house floor, from speaking, from voting without an apology for violating their “RULES”. Mind you, this is the same bunch who have banned the entire public from the Nevada State Capitol Building since last year, even as strip clubs and swinger sex clubs were allowed to reopen.

Casinos have been open at 50% since last year. The “Scientific” numbers show that less than 1/6 of 1% of all Nevadans died in the entire state since the beginning of the lock downs in March 2020. A dozen states removed their mask mandates altogether since the January 2021 and Florida has been wide open since October 2020. All, mind you, with less CV19 deaths per capita then Nevada.

There’s literally zero science to show masks have saved 1 life since last year in Nevada.

When Sisolak was asked what criteria he was using to remove the Mask Mandate a month ago, he refused to answer. The Democrat Lawmakers have abused their powers under the guise of CV19 health rules, requiring everyone wear a mask, stand 10 feet apart with Plexiglas between them in the State Capitol. Yet those same lawmakers stuff themselves onto Southwest jets twice a week, standing in lines at Walmart, unmasked at bars across the street from the Capitol drinking late into night laughing at the people of Nevada falling for their CV19 scam rules.

But Assemblywoman Annie Black exposed their scam rules and tore off her mask on the house floor of the State Capitol and declared an end to their scam rules. Rules that violate the CDC new guidelines, “allowing” vaccinated people to remove their masks in doors. BTW the Dems never asked if she was or wasn’t vaccinated before cancelling her.

So, the Dems abused their majority powers declaring Annie Black broke their rules and is now cancelled until she apologizes for removing her mask.

Annie Black response:

“I REFUSED to wear a mask on the floor of the Nevada State Assembly.
Yesterday, I was permanently BARRED unless I apologize to the body.
I will not back down, but I need patriots like you to spread the word.”
When Dems cancelled Assemblywoman Annie Black this week, they cancelled thousands of her constituents as well. Dems’ banishment of Annie Black this week is meant to send a clear message to all Nevadans, that if you refuse to follow their rules they will cancel you too.

Watch Annie’s Video tearing off her mask on the house floor:

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