May 23, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Back in February 9, 2017, when the Dems took over the Nevada State Assembly, their very first order of business was an attack on the public’s right to oppose their purposed bills.

The first black Democrat Assembly Speaker, Jason Frierson, suspended the Standing Rules on how and when legislation is voted on. The rule wiped out any public input or opposition to Democrat legislation.

For 150 years, nearly as long as Nevada has been a state, the rule has been that, no piece of legislation could be voted on until it is introduced and read into the record three separate times over a 24hr period. The Democratic controlled Assembly voted yesterday to suspend that rule. Now a piece of legislation can be introduced & passed on the same day, without any opportunity for negotiations or for members of Assembly to even read it. The voters of Nevada have no chance to voice their support or opposition for legislation such as mail in ballots, new crazy gun laws. 

Assemblyman Jim Wheeler released the following statement regarding today’s Joint Standing Rules changes.
“I am disturbed by the fact that over 150 years of tradition were tossed aside today. By removing the 24-hour rule, there remains the possibility that bills can be jammed through in one day without any opportunity for negotiation. I am also disappointed that we had only forty minutes to review the rule changes. I believe it prudent that members have an opportunity to carefully consider all rule changes, especially when flying in the face of decades of tradition.”

Former Assemblyman John Moore said “This is a very sad way to start off the legislative session, by tossing out a rule that our forefathers put in place 150 years ago to PROTECT the PEOPLE from bad legislation as well as bad legislators.”

And the Dems used this rule to wipe out the rights of Assemblywoman Annie Black who dared to remove her mask after the CDC gave the all clear. Dems held their vote without any notice and without any debate. But according to Speaker Frierson,the staff haven’t given elected members of the Assembly “permission” to remove their masks yet. Assemblywoman Annie Black’s actions did not violate any actual rule voted on by the current Assembly. In fact, the current Assembly has refused to hold a vote on any Cv19 rules imposed by Governor Sisolak, which the Staff claims to be following, even tho the Governor remove his mask mandate last week before Annie Black removed her mask. Under the NV Constitution the Legislature has no legal requirement to follow Sisolak’s Emergency Orders on anything. The unelected Assembly staff decided on their own to ban the public and limit the press for the last year. BTW the staff is facing a federal lawsuit currently over that.

So when Annie Black removed her mask on the House floor, the CDC and Sisolak already removed the mask mandate for “vaccinated” people. BTW Dems never asked if she was vaccinated before voting to ban her from speaking and voting on the house floor. But now Annie Black refuses to hand over her personal medical history to Democrat lawmakers to prove whether she is or isn’t vaccinated.

Jim Wheeler came to her defense saying “No one has the right to ask for a person’s private medical history, no one!”

The Nevada State Constitution Article 4 Sec: 6:

Power of houses to judge qualifications, elections and returns of members; selection of officers; rules of proceedings; punishment of members.  Each House shall judge of the qualifications, elections and returns of its own members, choose its own officers (except the President of the Senate), determine the rules of its proceedings and may punish its members for disorderly conduct, and with the concurrence of two thirds of all the members elected, expel a member.

Dems’ power to strip any lawmaker with a simple majority has never been done in the history of our state. Whats next? If a Repub lawmaker says something Dems deem “Hate Speech” they can use that to strip the next lawmaker?

Banning elected lawmaker, Annie Black, from speaking and voting on the house floor with a simple majority vote, without any debate, is the most vile attack on our republic ever perpetrated by Socialist Democrats in our State’s history. Mind you, Annie Black did not commit a felony or violent act, she removed her mask, and for that they wiped out the voices of some 65,000 voters in our Republic. Who’s next?


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