May 15, 2016

This weekend the Nevada Democratic State Convention free fell into complete chaos as Bernie Sanders supporters clashed with Clinton supporters over accusations of cheating by Harry Reid Clinton party officials. It all goes back to the Clark County Democratic convention on April 2, 2016.

On February 20, Mrs. Clinton won the popular vote in the Nevada Democratic Primary Caucus receiving 52.6% of the vote, but over the weekend saw your win here in Nevada switch to a loss as delegates at the Clark County Democratic Convention voted overwhelmingly for Senator Sanders.  In addition, several high ranking Democrats claimed Mrs. Clinton’s team here in Nevada was trying to cheat and block Sander’s victory in the election.

Votes in the Nevada Democratic Caucus are only symbolic and must be followed up by supporters getting out to the County Conventions where they actually choose the winner.

The Las Vegas Sun Reported:

“Credentials committee member Angie Sullivan said. “We caught the Hillary campaign cheating, we caught the Nevada Democratic Party secretary cheating,” “When it was apparent Bernie started winning, they really turned up the heat.”

According to Democratic Super Delegate and Bernie Supporter, Erin Bilbray she received a call late Saturday night April 2, 2016 from Democrats on the delegate committee regarding irregularities, including the removal of a Sanders supporter from the delegate committee.

Since then Sanders supporters filed a lawsuit but lost their case in court this week adding to their frustration.  

Sanders supporters accused the Clinton team of purposefully scheduling the Nevada Democratic State Party Convention on the same day as the UNLV graduation day to suppress the number of young Bernie Sanders supporter.

Yesterday when Bernie Sanders supporters accused the Clinton team and party leadership of cheating, Metro Police came into the Paris Hotel meeting room and shut down the convention threatening to arrest anyone who didn’t disperse.

Putting the Democratic party back together after all this may prove to be difficult without Sanders on the ticket as Clinton’s VP. 

Rob Lauer


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