Aug 21, 2023

No, climate change policies are not helping to increase snow and rain levels. No, driving an EV car won’t help make it rain either. The Dems regulations controlling your water usage or making you pull out your grass didn’t help at all. God provided huge amounts of snow and rain over the last year to refill Lake Mead.

Southern Nevada is allotted 200K acre feet of water from the Colorado River but only uses 25K acre feet. The rest goes to Cali. Clark County recycles 100% of its sewer water, while California only recycles 23%.

The winter saw a historic amount of snow and rain. Northern Nevada is at max capacity; in fact, they had flooding earlier this year. Lake Mead has risen a foot per day just from the snow melt.

The real issue is that California hasn’t built water storage facilities in 40 years. Imagine if all the rain from Hurricane Hillary had been captured in California this week. Imagine if California actually recycled all its water like Clark County does. Imagine if California allowed desalinization plants.

California extremists blocked the construction of a brand new $1.4 billion desalination plant in Southern California, claiming “it may hurt the Pacific Coast”. The state’s Coastal Commission voted unanimously to deny a permit for Poseidon Water to build a plant to produce 50 million gallons of water a day in Huntington Beach, southeast of Los Angeles.

The Middle East, including Israel, has successfully turned deserts into lush, green new cities. Israel has developed technology to capture water from the air. There’s new technology that recycles water used in agriculture. 80% of Nevada’s water is currently used for agriculture, and only about 18% is consumed by residential users.

The Biden Administration sent 11.4 billion gallons of water last year from the Colorado River to Mexico to flood the Colorado River Delta to save birds’ habitats.

The Obama/Biden Administration agreed to send 340 billion gallons of water from the Colorado River starting in 2012. The last time water flowed from the Colorado River down to the Delta in Mexico was in the 1960s. In 2021, the Biden Administration opened the water gates to Mexico, providing some 11.5 billion gallons of Nevada’s water, according to the Aububon website.



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