O-G Launch and Las Vegas Spaceport Join Forces to Propel Small and Medium Satellite Launch Services

O-G Launch and Las Vegas Spaceport Join Forces to Propel Small and Medium Satellite Launch Services

Former SpaceX Engineer, Robert Feierbach, Leads Collaboration for Revolutionary Launch Solutions

Aug 22, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada — In a groundbreaking partnership, O-G Launch, spearheaded by former SpaceX engineer Robert Feierbach, and the Las Vegas Spaceport, a pioneer in cutting-edge space infrastructure, have entered into a strategic agreement to introduce advanced small and medium satellite launch services. This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in the commercial space industry and promises to reshape the way satellites are launched.

With a remarkable career spanning three decades in the space industry, Robert Feierbach brings unparalleled expertise to the table. He has held notable leadership positions at esteemed firms across the United States and Europe, including SpaceX, Space Systems Loral (Maxar), SES Global, Eutelsat, and Echostar. His visionary leadership and wealth of experience position him as a driving force behind O-G Launch’s pursuit of revolutionizing space launch technology.

“Through this collaboration, we are redefining the possibilities of satellite launch services. Our aim is to blend innovation with efficiency, making space more accessible and affordable for everyone. The future of space exploration is within our grasp, and O-G Launch, alongside the Las Vegas Spaceport, is at the forefront of this exciting journey.” – Robert Feierbach


On the historic date of April 5, 1990, Lockheed Martin ignited a new era in commercial space flight with the launch of the Pegasus rocket from a B52 aircraft. This milestone event paved the way for the successful deployment of 40 satellites into space. Building upon this legacy, O-G Launch is poised to leverage a modern iteration of this proven technology, utilizing a Boeing 757 aircraft to carry state-of-the-art recyclable rockets and payloads up to 40,000 feet before launching them into space. This innovation will dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of satellite launches, opening new horizons for space exploration. Moreover, the Boeing 757 platform offers an unparalleled opportunity for testing new technologies in a zero-gravity environment, further expanding the realm of possibilities for research and development within the space industry.

Horizontal Rocket Air-Launch with Space Jet(TM)

Commenting on the partnership, Robert Lauer, Director of Las Vegas Spaceport, stated, “Las Vegas Spaceport is on a mission to make space exploration accessible to all. Our collaboration with O-G Launch aligns perfectly with our vision of driving advancements in space travel and technology. The fusion of O-G Launch’s expertise and the Las Vegas Spaceport’s state-of-the-art facility will propel us into a new era of space exploration.”

The synergy between O-G Launch and the Las Vegas Spaceport heralds a new chapter in the history of space exploration, underscoring their shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and making space more accessible to a wider audience.


A new chapter of human endeavor has dawned upon us, as nations propel themselves into a head-to-head competition, racing to engineer cutting-edge space technologies, extract invaluable resources from the moon’s surface, and orchestrate the awe-inspiring deployment of both human pioneers and invaluable assets into the unfathomable expanse of space. With an astounding projection of over 100,000 satellites slated for launch over the coming decade, the Las Vegas Spaceport holds the key to a pivotal advantage. As Cape Canaveral finds itself booked solid for the foreseeable future, embarking on weekly launches, the Las Vegas Spaceport steps forward as the ultimate solution, poised to alleviate the rocket launch capacity-crisis that looms over the horizon. This strategically positioned haven of innovation promises to unlock new avenues for swift, efficient, and frequent launches, ensuring a resounding triumph in the new international SPACE-RACE.

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