Jan 17, 2023

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Nevada used to be California’s dumping ground for their criminals, now we’re getting their political trash as well. We might have discovered Kamala Harris’s long-lost sista. Ronda Kennedy, who just moved from Cali to Vegas to run for the U.S. Senate. Rumor is she hired Dr Chuck “You” Muth to save her campaign.

Her website claims she’s running for U.S. Senate against Congressman Adam Schiff from Cali?

“Due to California’s 2022 Congressional Redistricting, I’m now running against Far-Left Rep. Schiff here in California’s 30th District.

Schiff is one of the most powerful Leftists in US Senate and by far the most dishonest and I’m thrilled I get to be the lady who finally kicks him out of Washington.

Ronda Kennedy sat down with Steve Sanson for an on camera interview. Get your pop corn and cover your kids’ ears. This woman talks like a street walker on Fremont. She supposedly has a law degree from an all-black college in Cali.


Time Line of the Interview:

Minute 10:00 Jim asks the first question why she came from CA to run here

12:50 why she left Nevada

15:46 about her running in CA – 3 campaigns

22:53 – why she didn’t move back to NV etc she didn’t live in the district she ran

26:00 – carpetbagger term is “racist”

29:45 – says ‘talks sh*t’ about

31:00 – says she has the “west side” people – I guess that means she has their support

32:10 – says the DNC has a file on her

32:30 – says I don’t give a ‘sh*t what color they are”

34:54 – the overhaul of the FHA and why – people of color are targeted

42:20 – what would your legislation say…. border security

43:43 – “I don’t know how to secure the border”

45:12 – what is the job of a senator

49:46 – why run for Senate instead of Congress

52:21 – election integrity

1:01:05 – says sh*t again

1:01:30 – climate change

1:05:05 – says sh*t again

1:06:36 – Black Lives Matter organization

01:10:14 – what do you have vested in Nevada

01:11:34 – It’s “not about Nevada”

1:12:12 – goes off on a rant and says “fu*k

1:13:18 – asked what bills she would sponsor in the Senate for the State of Nevada

1:19:53 – what’s important to Nevadans

1:21:40 – “hood people”

1:24:30 – steve says you don’t know what’s important to Nevadans do you – she says no……

1:26:15– I can tell you what “should be important to Nevadans”

1:29:55 – who do you think is running for Senate besides yourself?

1:40:07– Reparations

1:47:05 – term limits. and war powers

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