April 17, 2024

One would think college graduates who fell for Biden’s student loan relief scam two years ago would have learned their lesson. After all, the United States Supreme Court struck down Biden’s student debt relief executive order just last year.

Let’s do a replay of 2022. Biden announces in the spring he’s going to forgive college student loans with an executive order. What compassion. What a generous thing to do for hundreds of thousands of college graduates with worthless degrees living in their mom’s basements! Of course they’ll mail in their ballots and vote for Democrats.

Republicans blast the idea, which makes them look mean and unsympathetic. Republican State Attorney Generals file lawsuits to block Joe’s executive order. And there’s the scam.Dems knew the courts would strike it down after the election.Dems ran on student debt relief, making Republicans out to be the bad guys, and all along they knew it would never pass judicial review. But the issue was a powerful tool to get young folks out to vote for them.

And now, months before the next election, Joe and the Dems are running the same scam again. And again, Republican State Attorney Generals have filed lawsuits to block Joe’s executive order. BTW, those Republican State Attorney Generals are also using the lawsuits to raise money with their donors. It seems everyone, but Joe’s voters, knows this student debt forgiveness EO 2.0 will also be struck down by the courts again. Wishful thinking is a powerful political tool to exploit.

Still don’t believe it’s a scam? Democrats controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House from 2020 until the 2022 midterms. They could have passed student debt relief back then. But they didn’t, because it’s a great issue for them to run on. If they solve the problem, they lose the election issue.

Democrats are evil geniuses who prey on stupid voters, while Republicans do what they believe is right. Republicans run on principles. That puts Republicans on defense, running against Dems’ scams. And that’s why Republicans lose.

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