MARY MARSHAL LANG Spied On My Campaign for the Democrats

MARY MARSHAL LANG Spied On My Campaign for the Democrats

March 12, 2022

Written by Former Candidate for State Assembly (R) Heather Florian

Shortly after I declared my campaign for state Assembly in March of 2020, I got my social media up and going. I knew Mary Marshal Lang then as, Mimi Espisito. She messaged me on my platform in August. She mentioned she was from the same State and that she was currently working for a candidate in a non-partisan race. Mimi mentioned she had time on her hands and wanted to help. At that time I let her know my campaign plan of attack. I let her know I had a team that went out during the day while I was at work and I went after work and on weekends sometimes with the team and them sometimes in a different area. I let her know I was a political science major as well.

Mimi then invited me to all these republican lunches including the ARW, which I told her I would not attend, because I was just feeling out what places did masks and which ones did not. I also told her I already spoke at one of the ARW dinners and it was such a far drive on a work night that it took away from other things. She then she said I have a lot going on, and she worked with multiple candidates. I explained I have bills to pay, and I cannot to quit my job. I’m far from retirement. She then wished me good luck and said she had prior commitments.

Then in November I went on my Democrat opponent, Venicia Considine’s page and saw Mimi had commented many times. Saying you got this and a few other random comments thru out the pages.

I screenshotted Mimi saying to Venicia “not like you need it, but good luck.” And on Election Day, November 3, 2020, I screenshotted Mimi giving Venicia the thumbs up support on her Fb page once again.

At this point after my personal experiences with Mimi or Mary Marshall Lang, I believe she was a spy for my Democrat opponent Venicia. That’s my only explanation for her strange behavior.

I recently learned the non-partisan judicial candidate Mary Marshall Lang supported was far left Democrat Crystal Eller running for Judge that same year.

360 News reached out to Mary Marshal Lang, Republican candidate for Clark County School District G. To date Mary has not responded.


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