April 15, 2024

According to Pew Research, Nevada housed some 210,000 illegal aliens in 2016. To note, Dem News websites are reporting illegal immigrant numbers are the same over the past 5 years. Clearly, there’s an effort to conceal how bad the issue is before the upcoming elections.

Under Joe Biden, some 10 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border and flown into the US directly from South American countries in an effort to shift the demographics of the United States. Democrats are bringing them into big cities to increase the number of people the census will count, which in turn will increase the number of Congressional seats in Democrat strongholds.

And all these millions of illegal aliens are drive holding wages for working Americans. Dems want to keep Americans poor and dependent on the government. So what effects, besides lower wages, are all illegal aliens having?

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (a conservative policy thinktank), as of 2023, the total number of illegal aliens in Nevada rose to 428,000 illegal aliens and their children. Several hundred thousand new people coming into mostly Clark County who need housing have caused inflation in housing and in every other area of the economy. Again, economics 101, more people with more dollars chasing the same products and services drives up prices.

The average 3-bedroom rental cost $1,500 in 2021, before Joe Biden became president. Now the average 3-bedroom rental goes for $2,000, a 33% price increase. According to Nevada state government data, there were only 29,074 low-income housing units in Nevada in 2019. That number only rose to 31,334 in 2022. Keep in mind it can take five years of zoning and planning to build new rental units.

Along with groceries going up by 33% and gas prices doubling, Nevadans are hurting. Now you know why Gov. Lombardo has been pushing the BLM to release more land to build housing recently.

But wait, it gets worse. The Clark County government has an entire website dedicated to helping illegal aliens get welfare and pay for housing. The county website even has resources to help illegal aliens fight evictions.

Written right on top of the website page:

“Below is a compilation of Clark County Social Service programs accessible regardless of legal U.S residency status. These programs extend assistance to undocumented individuals. Applicants need to possess government-issued identification; in specific instances, identification cards from their country of origin are acceptable.”

This means when you pay your property taxes and sales taxes in Clark County, a huge chunk of your money is going to pay to house and feed 428k illegal aliens. And don’t forget the increased cost of educating hundreds of thousands of kids from the third world.

BTW, all of these illegal aliens can get DMV-issued driver authorization cards and register to vote. What that can’t be. 360 News reported that in March 2017, RINO Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding in response to a lawsuit filed by the Las Vegas ACLU and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund.

“In developing a system that will automatically transmit voter registration (specifically from illegal aliens)  information from the Department of Motor Vehicles to county election officials, the parties have significantly improved Nevada’s voter registration process by adding additional efficiencies and safeguards.” 

Thanks to Joe Biden’s open borders, Nevadans are paying more for housing and food, and now they are paying for housing and food for 428K illegal aliens. Dems’ answer to all of this is, print more money to hand out. Now you know why your groceries and rents have soared over the past four years.

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