Jan 3, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

AOC, Nancy Pelosi, Omar, Susie Lee, and most of the elected women in Congress on the left and a few on the right turned out to be just as corrupt as the men before them. The media claimed women would fix government and stop the wars and corruption. The year of the woman theme was played several times over the last few election cycles.

(R) Congresswoman Liz Cheney (‎R‎) who is sitting on the Jan 6th committee sold out her party and perhaps her soul. That was after Cheney voted to impeach Pres. Trump. She was tossed from her leadership role in the Republican party and her state Republican party has tried to throw her out all together. 

Our very own Susie Lee was caught lobbying the SBA for money for her husband’s Casinos in 2020 after they received $5 million. Lee also supported Fauci’s research funding that abused bagel puppies. 

Of course we could not go without mentioning Biden’s Spokesperson, pants of fire, Jen Psaki, who is a professional liar and not a very good one. No wonder Dems want to control the Media.

Nevada with it’s majority women legislature was nationally ranked 49th in government integrity according to watch dog groups.

Here in Nevada (R) Sen. Carrie Buck joins the ranks of corrupt women in politics as she operates a rogue Republican group after she tried to steal the election for the CCRP Chair in July 2021.

Our own Dr. Robin Titus, the Republican Assembly Caucus Leader, a medical doctor termed out of the Assembly. Titus refused to say one word while Sisolak locked down our state and ordered vaccine mandates. She had the power and credibility to destroy Sisolak’s Emergency orders and lock downs but said nothing.


Our very own Nevada Sectary of State Barbara Cegavske who helped the Dems steal the election by allowing mail in ballots in the 2021 primary. Cegavske fought Pres. Trump in Court when he tried to block mail in bailouts in August 2020. She also signed a deal allowing illegal aliens to register to vote through the DMV.

On the left, women lawmakers passed laws protecting sex traffickers and abusers,The law, SB179 “Trust Nevada Women Act”.  

Dem Assemblywoman Lesley Cohen’s history of defending child rapists and child traffickers goes all the way back to 2013 when she first served in the Nevada State Legislature. Cohen, a criminal defense lawyer, whose firm’s website brags about their success rate of putting child rapists and traffickers back on the streets, was one of a hand full of lawmakers who voted against SB 243.

In July 2020, right before the Special Session, Democrat Majority Senate Leader Nicole Cannizzaro and the NV Dems received more than $300,000 in donations from AFSCME, the State Government Employee’s Union, possibly violating State law. Lawmakers are forbidden from receiving money before, during and after a session of the legislature meets. They then tried cutting dental and eye care for poor Nevada kids by some $115 million in the middle of the night. The bill would have also cut education by some $43 million. It turns out the Dems wanted to cut Healthcare and education for poor kids and use the money to repay furloughed Nevada State Employees.

The entire Clark County School Board run by far left elected women and one Repub Woman was turned into a circus this year with  more drama and cat fights then an old style women’s roller skating derby.

And of course we cannot go without mentioning KATHY (THE VIG) SISOLAK, the governor’s bag man as she collects fees for her 2 person company providing financial advice to government agencies throughout Nevada. Like the $250K no bid contract for financial consulting services approved on July 15, 2021 by the Southern Nevada Water Authority Board which is made up almost entirely of Clark County Democrats. The contract disclosure with no mention Ong is actually Mrs. Sisolak anywhere. Let’s be clear, money going to Kathy Sisolak is money going to Steve Sisolak.

Or Mrs. Sisolak’s relations with the Communist Chinese Government she bragged about on TV before the local media when they gave millions of dollars’ worth of PPE gear to NV after she called and asked.

Jun 22, 2020

“LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Chinese gift of 20,000 respirator masks and 100,000 surgical masks will be turned over to Nevada on Tuesday.

First Lady Kathy Sisolak and members of the Nevada COVID-19 Task Force will be on hand when the personal protective equipment is transferred to the state at University Medical Center tomorrow morning.

The gift comes from the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.”

But don’t expect the left, media or even many Republicans who have bought in to the messaging that elected women are virtuous mothers who only want to protect their families from war, disease and poverty. And men are stupid, corrupt sexual degenerates who prey on the innocence.


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