June 26, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Lyon County Church, Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley, filed an injunction this week with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit seeking to overturn Gov Sisolak’s CV19 ban on in person Church services that are still in effect. The Church seeks to be allowed to hold services at 50% just like other secular organizations are doing now in Nevada.

As one church goer put it, “if masks and social distancing works in strip clubs why can’t they work in churches?”

As reported in Christian Post

“Courts agree that assemblies at restaurants and houses of worship are comparable. Yet the governor’s directive limits all religious gatherings to 50 people regardless of seating capacity, social distancing, or any other pertinent factor.”

The appeal also argues that Sisolak has been inconsistent in his enforcement of the restrictions, noting that the governor openly supported recent large-scale protests.

“When hundreds of protestors gathered in packed throngs in blatant violation of the directive’s ban on gatherings over 50 (§ 10), the Governor and Attorney General tweeted their support,” the suit adds.

Casinos were given the green light to open a few weeks ago and now Strip clubs are authorized to open. 

As reported by Arnold Snyder in the industry online publication

Palomino Club Leads the Way

Addison of Palomino Club

We Finally Have a Real Strip Club in Las Vegas Again

Palomino Club Las Vegas dancer

Lily Dances at Palomino Club

In my wildest dreams, when I heard Palomino was reopening, I thought maybe they’d have a girl on stage in lingerie, playing the guitar.  Or maybe girls in low-cut evening dresses, belting out karaoke.

What I actually found was flesh-and-blood females getting down and dirty in steamy floor shows, twerking for all they were worth, and spinning around the stripper poles into leg spreads, like the kind of angels I’ve always hoped I would see in heaven.

Palomino has always had the best stage show in town, hotter than any of the topless casino shows.  That is still the show you will see, performed by Palomino’s best dancers.  If you had a favorite at the club, you will probably find her there.

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