Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s Call For Ban on High Capacity Gun Magazines in Nevada Drawing Fire from Gun Rights Group

Sheriff Joe Lombardo Calls For Ban on High Capacity Gun Magazines in Nevada Drawing Fire from Gun Rights Group


December 10, 2016

The gun background check law knows as Question 1 just passed by 9,000 votes statewide. The ink isn’t even dry and Sheriff Lombardo has come out today supporting legislation to ban gun magazines with more than 10 rounds.

As reported in the Las Vegas Sun today, Lombardo said “I’m a very avid hunter, I was in the military myself, and there’s no need to have a high-capacity magazine for any practical reason”

Don Turner President of Nevada Firearms Coalition said “I am very disappointed because Lombardo knows that most gun crimes are not committed with high capacity magazine equipped guns. When Lombardo came before our group seeking our support he assured us he fully supported the 2nd amendment and gun rights. This will make criminals out of those who supported him in his election.”

Turner went on to say “I am now open to supporting a challenger to Sheriff Lombardo in the 2018 elections.”

Lombardo was the only sheriff in the state out of 17 to not oppose Question 1, the Bloomberg background check law.

Republican Assemblyman Jim Marchant and Jim Wheeler have come out condemning the proposed law to limit the freedom of gun owners even further in Nevada.

Republican Assemblyman Jim Wheeler said in response “With only 15 Republicans in the State Assembly and 9 Republicans in the State Senate, we cannot stop it from passing if the vote is party line. The Governor is our best hope if this comes into session as a bill.”

Like Bloomberg said when he was financing Question 1, “This is a good first step”.

Lombardo has failed to stop a 100% spike in murders in Clark in the last year since taking office even after receiving 2 tax increases for more cops. And Lombardo has continued to allow illegal aliens arrested by Metro for serious crimes to walk out of jail after posting bail.

No word on whether the magazine capacity limit would apply to Police.

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter


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