Rural Commissioner Ian Bullis’ Response “SISOLAK EXPOSED AS PAPER TIGER”

Rural Commissioner Ian Bullis Response “SISOLAK EXPOSED AS PAPER TIGER”

Feb 1, 2021
Rob Lauer Political Reporter
White Pine County Commissioner, Ian Bull, and Lead Pastor at Calvary Chapel fired back at Gov Sisolak’s public letter with the fury of a man on a mission. A mission to free his people from an authoritarian Governor who no one has dared say no to. Ian reminds me of Moses standing up to Pharaoh demanding freedom for his people.
Commissioner Ian Bull:
My Official press release/response to Governor Sisolak:
Regarding the statement issued by the offices of Governor Sisolak and Attorney General Ford in response to the growing number of Nevada Counties who have joined White Pine County in declaring our refusal to enforce illegal directives.
From the onset of the Governor issuing his (illegal) directives, I have been working diligently with legal counsel to identify the best way to effectively push back. White Pine County Resolution 2020-76 is the end result of work by myself and my fellow Commissioner Travis Godon. Commissioner Godon asked me to write this response on behalf of us both.
We have been asked what our thoughts are regarding the Governor’s statement. Our thoughts are: NOBODY CARES. The reality is, the Governor does not have statutory authority to go making up laws. That’s what legislatures are for.
Therefore, nobody should care if he and his AG feel the need to issue a statement laced with all the insecurities of a dictator who knows his “paper tiger” has been exposed.
The most amusing part of the statement issued by the Governor and the Attorney General is the fact that they bothered to write a statement at all. Which means we’ve rattled their cage.
The following is an excerpt from the NRS. All other language deals with defining a “state of emergency and discusses logistics, options for acquisition of resources and finances.
NRS 414.070 Additional powers of Governor during existence of state of emergency or declaration of disaster.
”… During the period when a state of emergency or declaration of disaster exists or continues, the Governor may exercise the following additional powers:
1. To enforce all laws and regulations relating to emergency management and to assume direct operational control of any or all forces, including, without limitation, volunteers and auxiliary staff for emergency management in the State….”
Notice that the language DOES NOT give the governor authority to create NEW laws or regulations, but only to enforce those already existing.
So in response to the Governor and the Attorney General:
The reality is, you have no legal right to issue nor to enforce your “directives”. I see NO defensible language giving a Nevada Governor power to mandate the closure of businesses, limit capacity nor require face-coverings. In my opinion, businesses facing fines or any other erroneous retaliation for “violations” of these “directives” should appeal and fight those fines because they are illegal and baseless. Furthermore, our county specifically established a fund to help cover the costs of fines or litigation our business community may face.
So in conclusion, NO we have not sent mixed messages. We have sent a clear message as to where we stand and have affirmed our commitment to the oaths we took to preserve individual liberty.
Ian Bullis
White Pine County Commissioner
Co-Author of White Pine County Resolution 2020-76

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