Dec. 2, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

The few Republicans in the State Assembly who survived the slaughter this election year have elected a new minority leader, Carson City Assemblyman PK O’Neill to lead the caucus. Governor-Elect Lombardo tapped O’Neil to serve on his transition team as well. It’s a good thing O’Neil has Lombardo’s trust, because he’ll need it. Democrats have a super-majority in the Assembly, but not in the Senate. That means Lombardo can still veto bad laws.

O’Neill was first elected to the State Assembly in 2014. O’Neil’s background in law enforcement might be why he and Lombardo hit it off. O’Neil retired as a Division Chief at the Nevada Department of Public Safety after a 40 year career in law enforcement.

In 2016, O’Neil was defeated after he voted for Sandoval’s commerce tax in the Republican civil war. O’Neil ran again in 2020 year assuring voters that he learned his lesson and would listen to the voters and never again vote for such a bill.

I’m excited to see PK O’Neil lead the push for law and order and school choice.

PK O’Neil told 360 News

“We’re there to support good policies, and we will resist bad policies. We will work with the Democrats where there is common ground for the good of the state. We are committed to public safety, education, and economic diversity.”





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