Dec. 4, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

I can’t believe I’m writing this in December of 2022. Many offices of the Nevada State Government are still closed or have extremely limited hours. I needed to file a simple document with the Nevada Secretary of State this past week and came to learn not only was there no one who could take my call, but the North Las Vegas office staff is still “working” (not) from home.

It’s great to work for the government. Rolling out of bed at 9 a.m., sipping your coffee, meditating for a bit, then going to work in your bathrobe. The Nevada Secretary of State’s Las Vegas office has been closed for nearly three years, despite having a $20 million annual budget to provide services such as timely filing of important documents for businesses. And they still can’t be bothered to answer the phones and help businesses with basic questions. I called the number on the website for a specific issue, waited for over 30 minutes on hold, only to be told by the staff in Carson City that they don’t know anything about my issue. “The folks in Vegas handle that,” she said, but they’re not answering at 3 p.m. on a Thursday. It’s nap time. As a Republican, I’m all for smaller government, but this is ridiculous.

But wait until you hear what the DMV folks are doing. As of a month ago, they no longer allow walk-ins. You have to make an appointment online, and those appointments are weeks away. Tell that to the cops when you get pulled over with an expired license plate and drivers’ license. But it gets worse. Try calling someone at the DMV to get help making such an appointment. Be prepared to wait hours on the phone. Then, when you finally get to the DMV for your appointment, be prepared to wait at least two hours at the DMV to get to the counter. They should put slot machines in the DMV. The money the government would make could wipe out our taxes.

Now we know why so many Democrats are out there still wearing their masks. Who wouldn’t love getting a bloated government salary, only to work from home with no accountability? You could work your side hustle, think about the big issues of the day, or smoke marijuana and binge watch Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart’s cooking shows.

Where do I sign up?






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