Oct. 25, 2023

Back in August 2023, 360 News reported on the Chinese Communist sponsored company, Prestige BioTech, registered in Nevada formed in April 2019, uncovered in Fresno by local code enforcement agents. The unlicensed lab was making COVID tests using genetically engineered mice to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus. 

The corporation was created April 3, 2019, months ahead of the COVID outbreak in the U.S.

According to a local Fresno news outlet Midvalley Times,

investigators found blood, tissue and other bodily fluid samples. They also found thousands of vials that contained unlabeled fluids

It turns out, on March 24, 2019 Governor Newsom issued the unlicensed COVID lab $360,000 in tax credits.

This week, the feds arrested 62-year-old Chinese national Jia Bei Zhu for operating that illegal COVID lab. Zhu, who goes by the alias David (he introduced himself in federal court Friday as David), has a track record of fraud, intellectual property theft, and multiple identities, and it seems he has an interest in medical technology.

As reported by the California Globe:

Zhu’s has ties to the Chinese government. Many years ago, he was in the cow business and imported cows into China – seemingly at the government’s behest –  in order to increase local milk production. From there he went on to stealing technology from an American company that allows bull semen to be separated in a way that one can than choose whether a mommy cow will have a boy or a girl calf.

That is extremely valuable technology and Zhu stole it and – quite possibly – brought it home to China.  Another company (shop? store? library? depository?) in China he may be involved in specializes in – yup – bull semen.   The firm is in the same Chinese Communist Party-built commercial tech park as other firms he has been specifically tied to – in fact, it’s down the street.

Zhu appears to be a Chinese spy. Yesterday in federal court, Zhu was held without bail, marked as a flight risk.

There is no word on what happened to the California taxpayer dollars. California Gov. Newsom’s Go-Biz California state tax credit program ends up giving Zhu a $360,000 tax credit to set up his COVID lab in California. That was followed by an American company obtaining a civil judgment against Zhu for selling faulty/unlicensed COVID tests.

Newsom, who locked down California like the CCP, then went and ate dinner maskless with his friends at a restaurant in Napa, is under fire for his actions with Zhu, which seem to highlight his close ties with the Chinese Communist government. But will it be enough to derail his stealthy run for president?

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