April 20, 2024

This week, the NV Supreme Court upheld Gov. Sisolak’s law banning so-called ghost guns. The court’s vote was unanimous; even the Republican-leaning justices voted for the ban. So what’s a ghost gun?

So-called “Ghost Guns” are the lower half of pistols that are less than 80% finished. In other words, it’s a piece of plastic or metal that the buyer must finish themselves. This includes milling the rest of the plastic or metal frame and installing the trigger assembly and barrel. Not an easy task for the average Joe. Under federal law, any firearm less than 80% finished is not considered a firearm. So they cannot be regulated as firearms. The manufacturers of 80% guns must receive a letter from the ATF certifying that their products are less than 80% complete and comply with federal law.

In other words, they banned a piece of plastic or metal that may one day become a gun. A piece of plastic or metal without a barrel, without a trigger mechanism, and without a firing pin.

But progressive judges don’t care about the law, the facts, or the Constitution. These are the same judges who voted to stop your right to recall them; convenient.

Assembly Bill 286:

“1. A person shall not possess, purchase, transport, or receive an unfinished frame or receiver.”

The law was originally thrown out by a lower court judge in 2021.

The Hon. Judge John P. Schlegelmilch of the Lyon County, Nevada, District Court issued summary judgment in favor of Plaintiff Polymer80, Inc.

“The terms in the law were so unclear and uncertain that they did not provide fair notice to a Nevadan of ordinary intelligence as to what specific conduct AB286 prohibited, rendering the bill unconstitutional under the Due Process Clause of the Nevada Constitution.”

Our Nevada Supreme Court Justices who voted to uphold this idiotic law are up for reelection unopposed this year, including:

In 2013, Harry Reid hand-picked her to sit on the Federal Bench. Elissa Cadish Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat C. She was rejected by the U.S. Senate because of her extreme position on gun rights.

Then there’s Progressive, openly gay, Berkely Graduate California Lawyer, Lidia Stiglich, Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat G. BTW, RINO Gov. Sandoval appointed this winner.

Patricia Lee, Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat F, was appointed by Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak in 2022.

These same progressive judges that allow thirteen-year-old girls to get abortions in the ninth month without parental notification argue we must ban these ghost guns to save our children. 

So now you know to vote for none of these candidates in ALL Nevada Supreme Court races.


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