March 3, 2019

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Last month, the Democrat Controlled Nevada legislature passed SB143, which requires all private gun transfers to go through a background check at gun stores. However, the law exempts illegal aliens. Nevada Democrats rejected efforts to amendment the bill require illegal aliens to be turned over to ICE if they attempt to purchase a firearm at a gun store.

Illegal aliens are strictly prohibited from purchasing a firearm under federal law. But under the new Nevada law, SB143, if an illegal alien walks into a gun store and attempts to purchase a firearm, the background check paperwork is submitted to the Nevada Department of Safety NIC system for a background check. Under the new law, the Nevada Department of Public safety is not required to turn over that information to ICE or even local law enforcement authorities.

In fact, Democrats specifically rejected attempts by Republican lawmakers to require law enforcement to turn over illegal aliens to ICE who attempt to buy a firearms under the new Nevada gungrab law SB143.

Last year in March:

Laura Loomer (@LauraLoomer):

A source within @lvmpd telling me 6 dismembered bodies have been found in the desert area on East Lake Mead Blvd headed towards the lake! LVMPD has determined that MS13 is responsible.

It was also discovered this week that Metro seized eighteen firearms including an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, shotguns and semi-automatic pistols from the violent MS-13 illegal alien gangbangers. All the weapons were stolen. It was also confirmed that all of the MS13 killers were illegal aliens with Federal Deportation orders pending.

The week in review:

A local Veterans’ group has announce they are going to be filing a lawsuit to block the new gun control law SB 143, passed by the Nevada Democrat controlled Legislature earlier this month. The group, Warrior Legal Defense Fund launched a website called and is actively raising money and hiring lawyers to sue to block SB 143.

According to the group, “We cannot defeat Michael Bloomberg’s $20 million gun grab in Nevada  with nothing. SB143 violates the U.S. Constitution, the Nevada Constitution and frankly will do nothing to stop criminals from stealing guns. Good intentions won’t stop criminals. Veterans, we fought for our God given basic human rights over seas, now we must fight at home. Join the battle.”


Donate to fight SB 143 at:

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