November 27, 2017

Following the Vegas Mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay last month, Nevada Democratic lawmakers are preparing to wage war in the legislature on “assault weapons” and large capacity magazines along with a host of other gun control measures.

Last year, Democrats supported numerous gun control bills in the legislature, all of which failed to pass. Even Question 1, the background check law, was blocked by Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt in an official opinion declaring it all but dead. But Democrats never give up. Republicans are the ones who always surrender.

Democrats are pushing to implement Question 1, by getting rid of Nevada’s background check system and letting the FBI handle them. This could open the door to Question 1 being legally viable.

Democrats have been dreaming of an “assault weapons” ban for years as one of their gun control items. They also want to strip the castle doctrine which provides legal protection to homeowners who discharge their weapons in the course of defending themselves against an intruder. In other states, criminals have successfully sued homeowners for shooting them in the course of a burglary or store robbery.

Democrats tried to pass a law giving Nevada judges the power to take away a person’s guns based solely on the accusations and hearsay of a third party, without any evidence or mental health expert testimony.

Even Sheriff Lombardo has called for a ten round magazine limit.

Just look to California and New York to see the goals of Nevada Democrat lawmakers as they move forward in this coming election.

After the Vegas Mass Shooting, one of the top two or three issues in the 2018 elections here in Nevada will be about the future of the 2nd Amendment.

But some Republicans are not willing to surrender yet. Republican Assemblyman Jim Marchant responded by saying “I will fight with my last breath to defend the 2nd Amendment”.







Republican State Assembly Caucus leader Jim Wheeler said “The Caucus will not support any anti- 2nd Amendment Bill period. Making sure Republicans win the Governor’s race will be critical to vetoing gun control bills ”








Michael Bloomberg spent over $70 million last year in several states focused on gun control measures. Democrats are expected to be well funded next year as well.

Clark County Commissioners Steve Sisolak and Chris Giunchigliani are the expected frontrunners for the Democratic Gubernatorial primary race. Sislok is considered by many Republicans to be far more moderate than Giunchigliani. In fact, Commissioner Giunchigliani put animal rights advocates on the hunting commission this year.

Democrats used skewed polls to try and influence the outcome of Question 1.

A poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal in 2016 before the election showed 58% of 800 likely voters supported Question 1 and 32% oppose. Another 12 percent didn’t know or didn’t answer.

And KTNV-TV 13 Action News/Rasmussen Reported poll results of 750 likely Nevada voters showed 66% supported Question 1 and 28% opposed.

In the end, Question 1 passed by less than 1%.  50.45% Yes and 49.55% voted No.

Last year Question 1, the background check law, passed by only 10,000 votes. So the state is extremely evenly split on the gun control issue. Democrats believe the Vegas Mass shooting has shifted enough people’s views on guns in Nevada to give them edge next year. But the Democrats risk overplaying their hand and spiking 2nd Amendment advocates’ fears driving Republicans to the polls in droves.

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter



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