Feb 11, 2024

After 18,000 takes, the White House released a video of Biden for Super Bowl Sunday ranting about “shrink-flation, i.e., inflation. Biden, who never had a real job in his entire life and spent the last 50 years in office, attacks snack makers in the video for shrinking product sizes while charging the same prices.

Biden, of course, didn’t take any responsibility for the out-of-control inflation in the US. The inflation caused by Biden’s wild spending has driven up our national debt to $33 trillion, which, for those of you who went to CCSD, caused the value of the dollar to drop and inflation to spike to levels not seen since the 1907’s when Biden was blocking black kids from going to white schools.

Then Biden cut oil drilling, which also contributed to inflationary pressures on snack makers and every other American. In response to Bidennomics, snack makers are shrinking their products to keep their prices down.

Biden reminisced about the good old days when the snacks were bigger back when he served in Iraq under General Patton fighting Napoleon’s Army.

Biden forcefully calls out snack makers in the video:

“I’m calling on the big consumer brands to put a stop to it.”

Biden went on to claim he has classified documents back home that prove snack makers are screwing consumers. He just can’t remember where he put them. Then he blamed Trump for the whole snack thingy.




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