Nov. 10, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

360 News Las Vegas served the Clark County Elections Department with a public records request seeking the following information:

Please provide any and all data showing the total number of non-citizens removed from
both, the lists of active and inactive voters in Clark County for 2019.

The following is their response to some of our request. 

“Here’s the 2019 information you were looking for:

  • 30 names were removed because they were not citizens.”

Back in March 2017 NV SOS Barbara Cegavske signed a deal with the ACLU and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund to require the DMV to accept all voter registrations, even from non-citizens and pass those on to county elections departments. The DMV transmitted thousands of voter registrations to County Elections Departments since 2017 without red flagging them.

Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, The ACLU and Cegavske signed dealFinal-signed-MOU-with-SOS

NV SOS Barbara Cegavske had no comment when we called yesterday for comment.

Since 2017, Limited Term Licenses issued to non-citizens when SOS Cegavske signed the settlement agreement with the ALCU and MI Familia were sent a mail-in-ballot from various county elections departments.

The Annual number of new green card holders in Nevada, according to HHS:

2013- 9,886

2014- 10,089

2015- 11053

2016- 11,555 

2017- 12,733

2018- 10,851

Assuming 2019 had an average of 11,000 new permanent residents, over 77,167 green card holders since 2013 were eligible to obtain a Nevada Driver’s license and would have then received a mail in ballot under the new opt out motor voter law that went into effect last year. That doesn’t take into count the tens of thousands more green card holders who’ve been in the country for many years prior.

According to the Nevada DMV, there are 63,465 Active Driver Authorization Cards issued to Illegal Aliens as of Oct, 2020. If they filled out a voter registration form at the DMV it was required to be sent to their county elections departments.

According to Clark County Officials, only 30 non-citizens were removed from the voter rolls in 2019. That means at some 140,000 non-citizens received mail-in-ballots in this year’s presidential election.

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