2018 National Pantsuit day created by executive order by Pres. Hillary

Read by Narrator: Just imagine: its 2018 and Hillary Clinton is President of the United States of America.

August 1, 2018
Today we celebrate National Pantsuit Day created by President Hillary’s 18,156th executive order. We celebrate Pants Suit day and the diversity it represents in all its true colors. Here our courageous President is showcasing her diversity wearing vomit Green and Sky High Blue, Prison Orange and all the rest of the colors except white of course.
The newly formed Hillary youth brigade celebrate National Pantsuit day as good little citizens.
The newly nationalized Hillary police force quickly handled a few pockets of resistances in the country ensuring complete compliance with National Pantsuit day. According to the Clinton administration about 5,000 resistors were detained at the newly construction Rush Limbaugh wing of the Federal Texas Prison where the entire state was put under house arrest last year for making fun of her laugh.

Next week we celebrate National women with short hair month.



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