PENCE VISITS NEVADA It has been a roller coaster in the polls during the last 2 weeks. Following the Republican National Convention, the Trump Pence campaign saw a bounce, and now the Clinton Kaine team are getting their own bounce after the Democratic National Convention aired last week. Now that the conventions are over, both campaigns are on the road in search of votes.

Yesterday, Governor Mike Pence stopped by Reno to campaign with State Senator James Settelmeyer and Congressman Mark Amodei, who opened at the rally to a highly energized audience. Liberal media types continued their attack line about the Muslim father who spoke at the DNC about his son, Army Capt Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq twelve years ago. The Governor took the high road saying in response, “Captain Khan is an American hero. We honor him and his family. We cherish his family.” Trump’s sons were on national morning news shows today arguing it was Hillary who voted for the Iraq war. Mr. Trump opposed the Iraq war, and Captain Khan would not have died in Iraq under a Trump presidency

Sheriff Lombardo refuses to take a position on the Background Check Ballot Question 1In local news, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo refused to take a position on Ballot Question 1 this November. All the Sheriffs in Nevada except Lombardo have come out opposing New York Mayor Bloomberg’s new background check initiative. The law, if passed in November, would restrict gun owners from loaning or giving their firearms to family and friends. A husband would not be allowed to let his wife use his gun to defend their home, according to opponents of the law. Sheriff Joe Lombardo ran as a very PRO 2nd Amendment candidate in 2014, calling for an end to the Blue Card gun registration County law.

Democrats Use NV Government Employees to register new voters In other news, voter registration numbers show Democrats with a significant lead over Republicans here in Nevada, of more than 72,000 Democrats. However, the advantage seems to be generated by Nevada State Workers who are actively registering people who visit State offices on official business. According to one insider, Nevada State employees are actually auditioned quarterly to review their voter registration performance. One eighty year old told NEWSMAX TV LAS VEGAS that when she told the DMV employee she didn’t know which party she wanted to mark on the voter registration form, the employee marked Democrat without her consent. Under Governor Sandoval, the number of welfare offices in Clark County has grown from 3 to 12 during his term in office.

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