Insurgent Republican Assembly Candidates Stand Together Pledging to Reverse Governor Sandoval’s Agenda

May 25, 2016

The Nevada Republican Civil War is in full swing as 15 Republican Assembly candidates, running in tight primary races against Governor Sandoval’s Establishment allies stood together to address issues facing Nevada and its future at the Grant Sawyer government building today.

Spokesperson Angela Marie said “Insurgent Republican Assembly Candidates Stand together pledging to reverse Governor Sandoval’s agenda which includes stopping The new Nevada State Income Tax aka the Commerce Tax, ending Common Core in our schools, fighting extreme transgender bathroom policies and reverse driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.”

The Nevada State GOP condemned Governor Sandoval and his allies in the Assembly last week at the GOP State Convention and endorsed many of the people standing here today against standing elected Republican assemblymen.

The following assembly candidates were present today at the Grant Sawyer Building:

Assm. Brent Jones (AD35)

Blain Jones (AD21)

Steve Sanson (AD13)

Amy Groves (AD29)

Connie Foust (AD19)

Tina Trenner (AD36)

Norm Ross (AD8)

Jim Marchant (AD37)

Mary Rooney (AD41)

Tony Baca (AD5)

Christine De Corte (AD18)

Marty Hagans (AD34)

Diana Orrock (AD9)

Richard McArthur (AD4)
Tony Shelton for Shelly Shelton (AD 10)


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