April 9, 2024

Consider this: there’s only about 20 Walmart’s and 18 Smith’s Grocery stores across Clark County. Last week, 99-cent-only stores announced the closing of all 12 stores here in Clark County. On top of the 99-cent stores closing, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores are also closing all their stores.

Economics 101: More money chasing fewer goods drives up prices. With dozens of low-priced stores gone, those customers will have no choice but to shop at Walmart, Smith’s, and other grocery stores. Before Bidenomics, the 99 Cent Stores were thriving. They put enormous downward price pressure on Walmart and Smith’s. With that downward price pressure gone and no real competition left, they can and will raise prices across the board.

Folks now have no choice where to shop. The only stores that may apply some downward price pressure on the big guys are the emerging Hispanic grocery stores. They’re gaining serious ground, but most gringos don’t tend to shop there.

With inflation out of control, don’t expect any new low-priced stores to take their place. That business model is dead-and-buried.

And to make matters worse, Smith’s and Abertsons are seeking to merge, which would drive up prices even more. Some knuckleheads at the Nevada Indy News think that’s a great idea. Abertsons runs at least 33% higher on average than Smith’s, based on my own experience. Eliminating more competition will only drive up prices.

The Biden Justice Department and the Nevada Attorney General filed a lawsuit to block the merger. But they didn’t sue to help consumers, but rather to protect Walmart. Such a merger would hurt Walmart.

The Dems want inflation and all that comes with it. Its not by accident all this inflation is happening. Its on purpose. Dems want to squeeze the middle class down. Poor people are more controllable and more dependent on government. If your paycheck doesn’t cover your daily life expenses you will be more focused on surviving than what Biden is doing. Poor people are way easier to control than middle class.

And those same stupid people struggling to feed their families will vote again for Dems to “save abortion rights” rather than save themselves.

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