Jan 27, 2024

The 2024 Republican primary is over, essentially. Trump is the nominee, excluding a medical emergency or another unforeseen incident. Looking at the polls, one can easily see that Nikki Haley is so far behind President Trump in every primary poll that she has absolutely no path to victory. So why is Nikki remaining in the race? The only chance she has is if Trump somehow disappears from the race.

Nikki refused to compete in the Nevada Republican Caucuses, which Trump has for all intents and purposes locked up already.

Nikki Haley is about to get wiped out in her home state of South Carolina by 27 points, according to recent polls. She was governor of South Carolina from 2011 to 2017. The primary is scheduled for February 24th. Losing one’s home state by that kind of margin would be a HUGE humiliation for any former governor. Any reasonable, politically astute person would drop out and avoid such a loss.

Nikki will get destroyed in the south on Super Tuesday, according to every poll. She has no chance in any upcoming primary. Yet she remains in the race. Why?

Nikki Haley’s entire race is predicated on Trump getting convicted and imprisoned. Then, and only then, she may have a chance. But Trump would still remain on the primary ballots, and I predict he would win by an even bigger margin. The real question is, what would happen to Trump at the National Republican Convention if he were somehow in prison at the time? The Republican National Convention is set for July 15–18, 2024, at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Pending Criminal Trial Dates

*Trump is facing a May trial in his 37-count federal indictment in Florida, alleging he illegally held onto national security information in Florida.

*Originally the D.C. judge and Biden voter set a crazy start date for the criminal trial on March 4. The Supreme Court’s denial of Smith’s motion blew that up. Now Special Counsel Jack Smith’s trial date is dependent on the D.C. appeals court expediting Trump’s appeal. There could still be a trial before June in this case.

*The Georgia case has a pending trial date in August.

Nikki Haley ran a horrible campaign, using her gender (like a typical Dem) to generate votes. BTW, Trump destroyed Nikki with female voters. Let’s be clear, the Republican base rejects everything Nikki stands for, and even if somehow Trump is not available, the base will not support Nikki as an alternative or a future Republican presidential candidate a this point.

Trump has a huge campaign rally here in Las Vegas today:

“Team Trump Nevada Commit to Caucus Rally” is scheduled at Big League Dreams Las Vegas in east Las Vegas, beginning at 1 p.m. To attend, get up to two tickets, register at The park is at 3151 E. Washington Ave.

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