Dec. 7, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

360 News reported on March 5, 2022:

This morning at 6 a.m., local Las Vegas transgender blogger, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo posted a video from Poland announcing her intent to cross over the border into the war torn nation of Ukraine. Sarah is a local dirt digger blogger who posts salacious stories about mostly Republican candidates. Sarah is the car accident everyone annoyingly slows down to look at when you’re running 5 minutes late to a work meeting.

Sarah is the blogger who supposedly leaked her personal text message with Sigal about Aaron Ford hanging from a crane. She wrote a tell-all book about how truly awful Republicans are after pretending to be one during the 2018 election.

Sarah was a Democrat before she transitioned into an independent, or so she told me. She was born a man but sometimes calls herself a trans woman. He/she even posted this picture of herself in Germany this week on her way to the war in the Ukraine.

This week, Sarah is on Capitol Hill taking a victory lap for single-handedly defeating Putin. She describes herself on social media as a combat medic in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, wearing a field uniform. This week Sarah met with Dems like California Congressman Eric Swalwell, the Congressman who had an affair with the Chinese spy.

Sarah posted this video of herself shooting an assault weapon, (at least she doesn’t shoot like a girl)

Supposedly, the Russians put a bounty on Sarah. Putin clearly is having nightmares about Sarah leading an army of Transgenders invading Russia next. Sarah has all but declared herself the victor in the Ukraine war.

Having a Transgender in the fight makes this war effort even more politically correct for Woke Dems than it was before. At least we know our $68 billion is in good hands with Sarah leading the Ukraine media war.



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