May 1, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Let’s be clear, President Trump has made lots of bad endorsements while President, such as Amy Coney Barrett for the U.S. Supreme Court, the Bob Barr for the U.S. Attorney General and U.S. General Mark Milley for Joint Chief of Staff. He needs better advisers frankly. And let’s be honest, Trump has been out of step with the base on vaccines as well.

From a purely political strategic prospective, Sheriff Lombardo and Adam Laxalt make sense. They both have raised huge amounts of money, have great name ID in Nevada and have a working relationship with President Trump.

But in spite of all that, yesterday the NVGOP voted overwhelmingly for Joey Gilbert for Nevada Governor and Sam Brown for U.S. Senate, ignoring President Trump’s endorsements of Adam Laxalt and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo.

The NVGOP vote total was 258-65 for Sam Brown.

U.S. Senate Candidate Sam Brown issued the following statement:

“On Saturday, Republican Delegates at the Nevada State Party Convention voted to endorse Captain Sam Brown for U.S. Senate. Sam Brown’s primary opponent Adam Laxalt failed to get over the 50% threshold needed to receive the endorsement-a huge humiliation for a candidate who relied on big name endorsements but lacks grassroots presence in the State.”   

Joey Gilbert got (21o votes) 66.7% of the yes votes yesterday.

Joey Gilbert spoke with 360 News first today:

“Yesterday base Republican voters said they don’t trust Lombardo to fight vaccine mandates, government shut downs, free speech, gun rights, sanctuary cities, election integrity and parental rights. I love President Trump and supported him from the very beginning in 2016 and I look forward to working with President Trump to save Nevada and protect our beautiful children from the worsts public schools in the Nation.”

So what is going on here? Did the base just ditch Trump? Nope, they still support Trump and I expect most of the base will vote for him if he runs for President again. Unlike Dems who have turned into a masked brainwashed cult, Republicans actually think for themselves. We care about the issues, the candidates’ records and frankly if we trust the candidates. The fact is base Republican voters don’t trust Adam Laxalt and Sheriff Lombardo to fight for conservative values and fight the Democrat socialist takeover of our country. That comes directly from folks I spoke with as the NVGOP convention who voted.

Laxalt spent the last four years in a D.C. law firm building his connections to run for U.S. Senate, ignoring the Sisolak CV crisis here in Nevada and he did nothing to help fight back. The fact is Laxalt supported Red Flag guns laws as Attorney General, first reported by me in 2018. The fact is Laxalt signed off on the Dominion voting machines. Laxalt said he supports Mitch McConnell for Senate Majority Leader. Laxalt refuses to support impeaching Biden. Sam Brown said he would support impeach Biden after the Afghanistan disaster. The NVGOP voters did their research and simply don’t trust Laxalt. Again that’s not me saying that. The base voters I spoke with said that.

So the big question is, what’s next? Will yesterday’s endorsement resonate with Republican voters throughout the state? Does Lombardo need to run attack ads now to knock Gilbert down? Will Trump come to Nevada and rally to support Lombardo and Laxalt before the primary? That’s the rumor.


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