Oct. 28, 2022

Rob Lauer  Political Reporter

This year Sisolak and Nevada Dems celebrated a man competing as a woman in a local beauty contest as some sort of human rights victory, completely ignoring the real women who lost out on scholarships for college and other opportunities.

In a recent poll published in Nevada, voters were asked “If they knew Nevada Question 1 would allow biological males into intimate female spaces like locker rooms and restrooms, would you support or oppose Question 1?” 66% of voters strongly or somewhat opposed it. There’s no other issue on the planet today that garners 66%.

And now Dems are pushing to allow young children to cut off their breasts and genitals without parental notification or consent. The trans issue threatens to destroy girls’ sports in America. Dems can’t define what a woman is. Yet they claim a man can get pregnant. They allow middle school boys who pretend to be girls into the girls’ locker-rooms, showers, and restrooms. Then hide from the public rapes. By all measures, Dems’ perversions are the most polarizing issue of the day.

The transgender issue that Dems have been pushing for the past 5 years has driven Hispanics into our fold and helped reshape school boards across the country. Hispanics have shifted over the last 4 years in huge numbers away from the Godless, Trans, and Woke Dems to the Republican Party.

Political Strategist Ruy Teixeira said on the Ingram Report regarding Nevada’s Hispanic voters

“…the Democrat margin among Hispanics contracted by 8 points between 2016 and 2020. This drop was almost entirely among working class Hispanics”  

Elections are not won by changing voters’ opinions. Elections are won by the side that best motivates their folks to get out and vote for their candidates. That’s why Dems are running full speed on abortion, hoping to motivate their base to turn out. And transgender policies are our huge issue for Republicans there for the taking.

Yet I haven’t seen a single TV commercial from Republicans fighting this issue. To be fair, I have heard Republicans giving speeches to other Republicans mentioning this issue, but we need to hit this issue on all fronts.

From public school boards to Question 1, from the legislature to the boardroom, no issue irritates more people in our favor. Republicans can win if they stand up and protect our boys and girls from Woke Dems.



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