March 2, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

When Nevada and Clark County School District (CCSD) came in again at 49th in the country in education outcomes this year, a move up from 50th for the last 20 years, you thought it couldn’t get any worse? Wrong. The Nevada Interim Legislative Commission yesterday voted unanimously to approve a permanent rule change to allow CCSD and Washoe County School Districts to hire substitute teachers without a college or teaching degree. All they need now is a high school diploma.

So, anyone who can pass a minimal background check with a high school diploma can now work as a substitute teacher in our government schools. Kids that graduated from CCSD high school don’t need to pass a single class with their new equity social justice rules. They don’t fail kids anymore. They graduate them as long as they’re breathing. Think we are exaggerating?

As reported by Channel 3 News Las Vegas, 

July 19th 2019 before the pandemic:

Many of the students entering Nevada’s higher education system come from CCSD, the nation’s 5th biggest school district.

Chancellor Reilly said

“What we do know is that the majority of students that are graduating at the Clark County School District are not college ready for math and English,” says the Chancellor

CCSD has seen its annual budget rise by more than 200% since 2001. And yet its record of failing our kids by delivering a quality education that will prepare them for life is now going to get worse. Instead of wasting $100 million last year on Chrome books that don’t work or millions on CV testing kits from China with insider deals or three vice principals at every high school making $150K a year, we need to raise teachers’ pay and recruit the best teachers in the country.

360 News published this report in 2019 about the top heavy administration costs at CCSD.

According to a 2017-2018 report, the Clark County School District employs more than 44,000 people, has an annual budget of more than $4 Billion, with more than 320,000 students. In 2018, the highest paid employee at CCSD was Superintendent  William Patrick Skorkowsky, costing tax payer $363,263.54 in total compensation. According to CCSD’s 2018-2019 budget, they have 30,302 employees and 16,911 teachers.

Nevada Policy Research Institute’s website provides a detailed look inside the budget of Clark County School District at who and where they spend your tax dollars.

Clark County School District 2018 Budget Summary:

Every year, for the past 19 years, Nevada elected politicians who claim they need to raise taxes to raise Nevada’s dead last National Education Rankings. In 2009 Nevada politicians doubled business taxes from $250 per year to $500 per year. In 2015, under Governor Sandoval and a Republican controlled legislature, they created the Commerce Tax, $1.3 Billion, the largest tax increase in the history of Nevada meant to “fix education”. But this year the legislature wants more taxes for education.

If one divides $4 Billion by 320,000 students we see CCSD is actually spending $12,500 per student or $375,000 for a class of 30 students. The average teacher in CCSD earns $48,000 a year.

CCSD has resisted any serious attempts to audit their books for years.


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