Sept. 22, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Bush appointee, Federal Judge James C. Mahan, siding with defendant, Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegasvke, dismissed President Trump’s lawsuit seeking to stop the last minute midnight election changes made by the Democrat dominated Legislature a month ago. The Democrats rammed through election law changes allowing mail-in-ballots to be sent to everyone, including some 18,000 dead people and non citizens.

“Presently before the court is defendant Barbara Cegavske, Nevada Secretary of State’s, motion to dismiss the first amended complaint. (ECF No. 37). Plaintiffs Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. (“Trump campaign”), the Republican National Committee, and the Nevada Republican Party responded.”


Cegavske argued that President Trump had no standing to bring the lawsuit. Trump argued that his voters would have their vote diluted by fraud from mail in ballots and ballot harvesting.

360 reported just a few months ago that Clark County mailed out ballots to some 18,000 dead people, 5,000 ballots sent to people with out of a state addresses and thousands of ballots sent to non-citizens. Over 10,000 votes that were actually mail in were tossed by Clark County in June. The mail-in-ballots have party affiliation marked on the outside of the ballots, making it easier to toss out Republican ballots. The mail-in-ballots have prepaid postage so there’s no date stamped making it impossible to track when they were really mailed.

President Trump and his campaign are sued SOS Cegavske in federal court. The complaint sought declaratory and injunctive relief. In other words, the lawsuit sought to declare Nevada’s law, Assembly Bill 4, illegal and seeks an order blocking its implementation in the upcoming November General election.

SOS Cegavske, as the sole duly elected constitutional officer, charged with enforcing election laws, has the right not to fight the lawsuit and sign a stipulation agreeing to the injunction. Instead she filed a motion to dismiss.

In 2016, a lawsuit filed by the Las Vegas ACLU and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund to enforce the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA) sought to compel the Nevada DMV to transmit ALL voter registration applications to the elections department from “non-citizens”. Nevada provides illegal aliens with driver’s licenses.

In April 2017, 360 News reported SOS Cegavske signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding, dated March 13, 2017, with the Las Vegas ACLU and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund settling the lawsuit. Under the MOU signed off by Cegavske, the DMV would transmit ALL voter registrations, even from non-citizens to the various county election departments and Secretary of State’s office. BTW, according to the Clark County Elections Department they only tossed 30 voter registrations from non-citizens in 2019.

The announcement: 


Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegasvke has continuously fought efforts by President Trump to stop vote fraud in Nevada at every turn. No surprising, Cegasvke has refused to endorse President Trump to date.


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