April 15, 2019

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Today, I received an email blast from Adam Laxalt and it bought back a rush of memories and feeling about the last couple of years. When AG Laxalt declared the 2016 gungrab law unenforceable, I cheered. I was fully behind this guy running for Governor and fully supported his candidacy until he tapped King RINO Michael Roberson as his Lt. Governor, the guy who single-handily passed the largest tax increase in Nevada’s history, authored driver’s licenses for illegal aliens and helped destroy Republican dominance in Nevada.

But I truly lost complete faith in Laxalt after watching him in action or inaction at the Republican Men’s club in Las Vegas. His stump speech was good enough to get by, but when he had to answer questions from the friendly Republican audience he did something I never saw any politician ever do. Laxalt literally refused to answer questions about voter fraud, taxes and a host of other controversial issues. Most politicians would give you some prepared canned answer, but Laxalt literally said “I’m not going to answer that.”

In retrospect it’s not surprising he refused to answer questions about voter fraud and taxes. After all Laxalt literally did nothing to stop the flow of illegal aliens registering to vote thru the DMV in Nevada. Laxalt stood with Michael Roberson and refused to call for the repeal of the commerce tax. Laxalt was an empty suit who acted entitled to be Governor because of his last name.

Laxalt may have been possibly the worst retail politician I ever saw in my life. During the 2018 election for governor, in the same week, I went to a couple of events hosting both leading candidates for Governor. The first event I went to was in the morning at a coffee shop, owned by a local Republican, hosting Laxalt with an extremely friendly audience of Clark County Republican supporters. BTW Laxalt refused to allow cameras in the event. Laxalt gave a five minute stump speech, then refused to take a single question from the Republican crowd. Compare that to the event with Sisolak at the Cannabis town hall meeting. Sisolak opened the event to anyone with a camera, sat there and took ever question from anyone in the room until no one had anymore questions.

To top off the worsted ran campaign in Nevada Gubernatorial history, Laxalt came out in the last month of the campaign calling for increasing “public” school funding by $500 million. Laxalt’s campaign policy advisor, Andy Matthews, refused to explain where they would get the $500 million dollars from. With tax Hike Mike on the ticket we could only imagine. Then Laxalt proceeded to run millions of dollars of TV ads for this stupid idea. Laxalt refused to run millions of dollars of TV ads defending the 2nd Amendment or cutting taxes or providing school vouchers. Laxalt thought he could win the election by going to the left of Sisolak with his school funding TV ads.

But possibly the worst thing Laxalt did he arrogantly refused to come on the numerous conservative news and radio outlets throughout Nevada. This directly contributed to his failure to get his voters out to the polls. His campaign did nothing to drive Republicans out to the polls. Sure the party faithful believed he would save us from the progressive onslaught we are now suffering through.

In recently months, even after loosing the most winnable race in the State’s history, Laxalt continued his arrogance by floating trial balloons considering challenging Congressman Mark Amodei.

Over the four years Laxalt served as AG and raised millions of dollars, he never helped support Republicans running for State Assembly and State Senate. Is it any wonder why we lost control of every branch of government? I can’t tell you how many elected Republicans and candidates running complained to me behind the scenes complain about Laxalt not lifting an finger to help them and his lack of leadership and support. They called him an “empty suit” and “worthless”.

In the end, Laxalt’s uninspiring campaign embraced RINO’s like Roberson and their puppet masters led to the complete collapse of the Republican Party in Nevada. Today, I am unsubscribing from Laxalt’s email blast and saying good riddance once and for all to Nevada RINO’s historic legacy of sellout and failure. It’s time to build a new party based on principles and strong leaders. Watching our 2A Sheriffs around the state stand up to the Sisolak and Bloomberg should inspire every “REAL” Republican about our future.


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