Jan 19, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

Sisolak just released his fund raising numbers for all of 2021 and it made history. Sisolak raised more than $4.4 million. He still had some $4.3 million cash on hand from 2020. His official cash on hand now is $8,288,960. Businesses like Casinos who he favored during the shut down gave the most cash to his campaign.

To put that in perspective Sisolak raised $8,759,477.14 for all of 2018 when he ran for Governor. But he spent more than $14 million in 2018 with cash left over from previous years as Clark County Chairman.

Joey Gilbert has $65,000 on hand after raising $325K. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo raised $3.1 million with $2.6 million on hand, a state record broke by Sisolak’s haul.

Many of the donors, like Casinos, are tapped out until after the primary election in June. But then Sisolak could raise another $4 million, plus outside PACs are expected to flood Nevada with cash for his re-election.

According to political consultant Rory McShane,

“$8.2 million gives Sisolak the ability to knock on every blue collar Democrat’s door to help insure they turn out for him. Sisolak can only buy so many TV ads in Nevada. But his numbers are so far under water because of the record high unemployment in Nevada and Sisolak’s endless mandates.”

McShane’s candidate for Governor, Michele Fiore, raised just under $600K according to her report she filed last night.

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee reported $1,595,620 raised with $1 million of that being his own money. his reported showed $798,019 cash on hand.

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