January 31, 2018

Local activist, U.S. Marine Veteran Steve Sanson’s group, Veterans in Politics International, was booted off Constant Contact according to Sanson because a local lawyer threatened the email marketing giant.

According to Sanson, local Family lawyer Jennifer Abrams allegedly lobbied and or threaten Constant Contact to suspend Sanson’s email advertising account. Sanson sent out numerous email blasts over the last couple of years critical of Abrams, including a video of her in court. Attorney, Jennifer Abrams is suing Sanson for defamation that stems from his dissemination of that video through the group’s Constant Contact email account and on YouTube, who it appears removed the video.

Sanson said he is exploring suing Abrams for interference with a contract and other possible causes of actions.

Sanson has been fighting the Family Court System here in Clark County he accuses of systematic corruption. His activism has rubbed a great number of powerful people in town the wrong way. But Sanson isn’t backing down. Now Sanson is pushing for litigants in Family Court to have the right to a jury trial and not just a judge. Sanson said “A Family Court Judge can take away your home, your business, your kids and your freedom. And they can do all of that in a closed courtroom.”

Sanson has been going around to Family Courtrooms observing and reporting through his email system on different Family Court judges’ performance.

Attorney Jennifer Abrams denied having anything to do with Sanson’s recent troubles with Constant Contact. She said she did send them a letter a year ago when she first filed the defamation lawsuit noticing them of the case but has not contacted them regarding Sanson since.

Abrams defended her actions to get the video from the Family Court hearing removed from the internet by Sanson that she was at the center of, saying “I was protecting my client’s privacy. My client didn’t want their personal family issues splashed online for all to see, especially since their minor child was involved.”

                                                                  Attorney Jennifer Abrams reached out to Constant Contact for comment: ”

“Constant Contact has an acceptable use policy that governs customers’ use of their accounts, and we expect our customers to comply with that policy. Our records show that Mr. Sanson violated that policy, which was clearly communicated to him on more than one occasion.”
From Constant Contact’s Policy Page:
Posts or discloses any personally identifying information or private information about anyone without his or her consent, including children under 18 years of age without their parents’ consent;

Rob Lauer

Political Reporter

Disclosure (Rob Lauer is a US Army Veteran and a member of Veterans Politics and has sat on numerous panels interviewing candidates for elections.)

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