May 26, 2024

As UNLV’s school year closes the fireworks are about to fly. DEI hire, UNLV President Keith E. Whitfield along with AJP aka The American Muslims for Palestine EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION INC., STUDENTS FOR JUSTICE OF PALESTINE UNLV; NATIONAL STUDENTS FOR JUSTICE OF PALESTINE; NEVADANS FOR PALESTINIAN LIBERATION are being sued in Federal Court by a Jewish UNLV student with the help of Lawyers Sigal Chattah and Joey Gilbert.

While all the usual Jewish groups refused to take any real action, Republican Jewish Leader Sigal Chattah went on the offense with a 72-page detailed Federal Lawsuit.


The lawsuit alleges

Defendants knew that Jewish students were being harassed and demonized on campus and that even members of UNLV’s faculty were participating in the demonetization and antisemitic rhetoric.

Defendants failed to conduct any mitigation efforts over the course of the past seven months to correct any of these acts and engaged in such failures with a complete disregard for student safety or rights.

The Federal lawsuit states All the defendants violated of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 18 U.S.C.§ 2333(d) when they:

Defendants themselves are successor entities to an original material
support enterprise for Hamas. Defendants are operated primarily by many of those who were senior leaders in the original enterprise.

232. It is clear that every time Defendants act in the United States, and more
specifically on UNLV’s campus, there is a direct nexus between the University groups and Hamas, IRGC, Hezbollah and other Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

233. It is also clear that directives being given by Hamas, IRGC, Hezbollah and other Foreign Terrorist organizations are being acted out on U.S. college campuses through Defendants and their organizations on UNLV’s campus.

234. Defendants knowingly provide substantial assistance to Hamas through their services. Indeed, in the NSJP Toolkit, Defendants confirm not only that they are aware that their propaganda and incitement activities support Hamas but also that they perceive themselves as “PART of” Hamas’s “Unity Intifada”—the terror regime that has damaged Plaintiff.

235. Defendants knowingly provided substantial assistance to Hamas and thus aided and abetted Hamas in committing, planning, or authorizing acts of international terrorism, including the acts of international terrorism that injured Plaintiff.

236. Not only do these acts constitute “substantial assistance” under the civil portion of the Antiterrorism Act, but they also satisfy the Antiterrorism Act’s criminalization of providing “material support or resources” to a Foreign Terrorist Organization. See 18 U.S.C. §§ 2339A and 2339B.

237. UNLV has also provided substantial assistance to these radical pro-terrorist organizations by allowing them to terrorize and demonize students on UNLV’s campus.

238. UNLV has also provided substantial assistance under the Antiterrorism Act by allowing them to use the student campus to distribute their literature, paraphernalia, and hosting meetings by providing substantial resources to disseminate their antisemitica and anti-American rhetoric and propaganda.

239. UNLV has provided substantial assistance by emboldening these Defendants, by their actions and meetings with them, “legitimizing” their cause of terrorizing students on campus.

240. Plaintiff has been injured in their persons because of Hamas’s acts of international terrorism.

241. By aiding and abetting Hamas in committing, planning, or authorizing acts of international terrorism, including the acts that caused Plaintiff to be injured in his or her person and property, Defendants are liable pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2333(d) for, threefold any and all

In May 2021, 360 News Reported UNLV President Whitfield promoted BLM on the home page of UNLV’s website as shown above. As Israel took incoming rockets by the hundreds from the Palestinians, BLM posted a new website aimed at Israel and their U.S. supporters.

On the website BLM describes Israel as an “apartheid state” committing “genocide” against the Palestinian people. BLM calls the Jewish people occupiers in lands Jews have lived in for 3,500 years. Israel was the home of the Jewish State 1,500 year before the Romans crucified Jesus.

360 News report April 24, 2024.

Today, we see Jewish students cowering in fear here at UNLV. (The New Nazi’s) Nevadans for Palestinian Liberation (NPL), a UNLV-authorized group’s own charter, calls for the destruction of Israel.

Page 1 of their manifesto states clearly:

The core values of Nevadans for Palestinian Liberation are:
● Support for the one-state solution, a Palestinian state, and a dismantling of the
settler-colonial structure occupying the lands.

Their one-state solution means a new Palestinian state “dismantling” destroying Israel. The Palestinians have their own state, where Hamas is the leading political party, supported by 80% of the people.

They go on to declare:

Criticizing Israel, its founding, its existence, and its policies is not anti-Semitic. 

360 News spoke to local Jewish leaders who have told us that Jewish students are in fear for their safety while on campus with these terrorists harassing them. ADL Regional Director Jolie Brislin says Jewish students at UNLV have complained about antisemitism on campus.

Last month, NPL stormed the lecture of Jewish Professor Asaf Peer from Israel. He was in town for an international astrophysics conference. He was invited to speak at UNLV on the topic of black holes. His lecture was disrupted by the good little Nazis chanting, Go home, Jew, you’re not welcome here, according to news reports.

Campus police cancelled the lecture instead of removing the Muslim NPL protesters. UNLV (Spokes-hole) Director of Public Affairs Francis McCabe said

“After conferring with University Police, UNLV faculty decided to pause the lecture by Prof. Asaf Peer as a result of the interruptions,” McCabe said via email. “University Police then accompanied the guest lecturer to his vehicle as a precaution only.”

Why would the police need to escort the Jewish professor out “as a precaution” other than to protect him from violence?

DEI and BLM advocate, UNLV President Keith E. Whitfield, refused to take any action against the NPL.

360 News is still waiting for UNLV public information officer to produce emails and all communications involving the Jew Professor chased out of the lecture hall. They are refusing to comply with Nevada open records laws.

Attorney Sigal Chattah gave 360 News this exclusive quote:

“The fact that UNLV allows for on campus, student extensions of Foreign Terrorist Organizations to call for the genocide of Jews on UNLV’s campus is abhorrent and an embarrassment to what’s become of my Alma mater. I commend Corey for his courage and bravery for bringing this action when so many choose to waste their time, begging for crumbs of safety for Jewish students from UNLV”

Sigal goes on to commend this brave young man

“Talk is cheap these days and the only way to school these academic institutions is to hold them accountable under the laws that were passed to protect all minority students.”

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