LAS VEGAS SPACEPORT: Major General USAF (Retired) Bradley Spacy to Head of Security & Logistics

Las Vegas Executive Airport and Las Vegas Spaceport Announce Major General USAF(Retired) Bradley Spacy as Head of Security and Logistics

May 30, 2024

The Las Vegas Executive Airport and Las Vegas Spaceport are thrilled to announce that Major General Bradley Spacy, USAF(retired), has agreed to come on board as a Senior Advisor, consulting on base security and logistics. With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years in senior leadership and management positions within the United States Air Force,General Stacy brings unparalleled expertise in strategic planning,organizational culture, and comprehensive security operations.

During his tenure in the Air Force, General Spacy led complex organizations ranging from small units to global enterprises, in both peacetime and combat operational environments. His diverse experience encompasses anti-terrorism and force protection, technical training, and logistics, making him an invaluable asset to the Las Vegas Spaceport’s ambitious security and operational goals.Additionally, General Spacy holds a Master’s in Science, Education from the University of Southern Mississippi and is a Senior Executive Fellow at Harvard University.

Robert Lauer, CEO of Las Vegas Spaceport, expressed his confidence in General Spacy’s ability to enhance the facility’s security infrastructure.

“I am committed to building a facility with the most advanced security technology on Earth to protect our partners, our customers, our tenants, our investors, and vendors. Safety is my number one priority at every level. Major General USAF(retired) Bradley Spacy was recruited for his real-world experience securing Air Force bases across the world in wartime and peacetime. And on top of that, he’s a solid team player.”

Earlier this month the Clark County Commission unanimously approved the construction permits for the Las Vegas Executive Airport, marking a pivotal milestone in the development of the much-anticipated Las Vegas Spaceport.

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