Oct. 21, 2021

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

In what any outside observer would label an ethically challenged process where the School Trustees themselves get to vote and approve any new redistricting maps of their own districts set for the next ten years, worse was the overtly racists driving the agenda at the recent meeting I attended. Self-proclaimed representatives from the Hispanic community demanded some districts be drawn to guarantee that “People who looked like them” would win some Trustee districts. There are currently 4 out of 7 trustees with Latina last names.

And those four Trustees voted for every transgender, CRT and mask policy that came before them over the objections of many Hispanic families and community leaders at several past meetings I attended.

I was truly interested in listening to their community’s concerns and asked what issues they wanted addressed, besides ESL, (English as a second language classes). They looked like deer in the headlights. No answers besides wanting their race represented. I asked them if they wanted specific Districts drawn giving them seats or spread out the Hispanic vote giving them more power across all the districts. Again deer in the headlights.

One young Hispanic girl said she wanted the School Police to stop pepper spraying kids in fights and to handle them nicer. I asked what they wanted the School Police to do when two teenagers were fighting, she had no answers.

The real question now is, will the school board capitulate to the stupid racists and unlawfully stack districts for certain races?

Trustee Danielle Ford who hosted the redistricting meeting did an extremely good job patiently listening to all the folks there. But the proposed maps would remove over 60,000 voters from Ford’s district. And the maps provided for two of the seven districts to be majority Hispanic. Blacks and Asians where clearly the losers of the proposed maps. The courts have repeatedly ruled such racist efforts to stack districts to specifically benefit a race are illegal. Any plans put forth seemed destiny to be challenged in court. Clearly the stupid racists in attendance were not interested in fostering a truly color blind society for our kids to grow up in.




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