May 13, 2020

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

With numerous lawsuits working their way through the courts challenging everything from Gov. Sisolak’s ban on hydroxychloroquine, his extended lock down of the economy, banning evictions, closing gun store, and changing the election to an all mail in ballot election, a special session could clean up his legal mess. Even Sisolak’s new RAT PACT with other Dem governors could come under legal challenges under the open meeting laws.

But many believe Dems will use the pandemic as an excuse to raise taxes and even try to implement an income tax, which would require a super majority vote and changing the state constitution. But anything and everything is on the table with this upcoming special session. This special session could be one of the most impactful sessions in the history of Nevada under the cloak of emergency powers and the COVID 19 crisis. Except for tax increases, the Democrat majority can pass any laws they feel like.

The Democrats will most certainly vote more emergency powers for the Governor and local code enforcement officials. The Governor’s eviction ban will certainly be made legal in the special session as will his original order to close gun stores when he labeled them non-essential. Churches will most certainly be under fire and threatened with losing their non-profit status if they defy Emergency closure orders in the future. Dems have been pushing for mandatory vaccines for school children and may push that issue again this special session.

The Nevada Secretary of State’s Office admitted they really don’t have any legal authority to change the June Primary into an all mail in ballot election. So look for the Dems to make it legal in the special session.

CV19 has shown just how weak the powers of the Nevada Governor truly are when properly challenged in court. Democrats are determined to tighten the laws and tighten the noose in the special session by consolidating their power and grip over the economy. This CV19 crisis is just too irresistible for Dems not to take advantage of to reshape Nevada.


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