May 9, 2022

Rob Lauer Political Reporter

The Democrat Governor’s Association is spending $500k per week (total budget of $2 million) in Las Vegas and Reno hitting Sheriff Lombardo with negative TV ads. FYI every single Democrat Governor in U.S. States is white. Not one Hispanic or black. They tried to throw in Washington D.C. and Guam to have some “inclusion”.

Emerson polled the Senate and Governor’s race last week 

Lombardo: 32.5%

Gilbert: 14.2%

Heller: 11%

Lee: 9.5%

Undecided 25%

According to media sources, Sisolak backed Democrat Governor’s Association is spending $2 million on the negative Joe Lombardo Ads in the final weeks of the Nevada primary. Lombardo has raised almost 3$ million so far and received President Trump’s endorsement. The Democrat Governor’s Association is hoping to influence the huge number of undecided Republican primary voters.

Elizabeth Ray, Lombardo for Governor Spokesperson,

“Today, Democrats in D.C. made clear just how little confidence they have in Steve Sisolak. National Democrats and Sisolak’s own pollster are so skeptical of Sisolak’s reelection chances that they’ve resorted to trying to rig the Republican primary election, so that Sisolak doesn’t have to face Sheriff Lombardo in November. Unfortunately for D.C. Democrats, both Republicans and Independents will see right through their lies and know exactly who is behind them: Sisolak’s D.C. cronies who know that Sisolak is as good as gone if Joe Lombardo wins the Republican primary.”

Team Lombardo responded on Twitter to the Democrat Governor’s Association’s TV ad claims:

“The DGA claims that there was an increase in violent crime after Metro’s organizational changes to the gang unit. Also false.

FBI stats for 2016 show that the est. number of violent crimes increased 4.1% nationwide. While the FBI reported a nationwide increase in crime, Sheriff Lombardo and Clark County bucked the trend and reported a 3.4% decrease in violent crime over the same time period.”

“In an attempt to fight gang violence, Sheriff Lombardo decentralized multiple investigative teams at Metro, including the narcotics and gang enforcement units.Metro did this so substations would share the responsibility of dealing with gangs, and so that the gang intelligence unit could share its information with patrol officers throughout the valley. “

But The Dem Governor’s Association was quick to pounce on Lombardo losing the NVGOP endorsement to Joey Gilbert.

“Even Trump’s endorsement can’t spare Lombardo from a “vote of no confidence”

Joe Lombardo continues to stumble in the Nevada GOP primary for governor, failing to win the state party’s endorsement vote at their convention this weekend. Lombardo’s stinging rejection comes even after his campaign attempted to right the ship with an endorsement from Trump.

At the convention, 68.5% of voters rejected endorsing Lombardo (the vote was accompanied by cheers), and primary opponent and far-right extremist Joey Gilbert came away with the win.

The Nevada Independent’s Jon Ralston described the vote as “a vote of no confidence,” while Gilbert received “a resounding endorsement.” Gilbert and the rest of the primary field have viciously attacked Lombardo’s record for months.

Despite the millions Lombardo’s camp has spent on television to boost his candidacy, Lombardo’s campaign is not catching fire. And the candidate is not helping. Just last week, Lombardo’s foot found his mouth when he called health care expansion “bullshit” at a GOP forum. And throughout his campaign, “No Show Joe” has been avoiding Nevada voters by dodging appearances and questions.

“This vote is the canary in the coal mine for Joe Lombardo’s failing campaign,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Despite millions spent on TV and an endorsement from Trump, Lombardo still cannot prove himself worthy of Republicans’ support in this crowded and increasingly nasty primary. With opponents like John Lee on air attacking Lombardo’s record and Joey Gilbert rallying the far-right base, No Show Joe’s dreams of a promotion are far from guaranteed.”

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